What is a Garden Arbor Swing?

S. Mithra

A garden arbor swing combines a sturdy, arched framework with a comfortable, swinging bench or loveseat. Placing a garden arbor swing alongside a low fence or tucked in the corner of your heirloom roses will give dramatic height to the landscape's architecture. You'll appreciate a cozy nook to languidly read a magazine.

A hammock is cheaper than buying a garden arbor swing.
A hammock is cheaper than buying a garden arbor swing.

An arbor, or pergola, is the perfect permanent structure to support a swinging seat. The arched or latticed arbor can be decorated by entwining plants, like vine roses, honeysuckle, wisteria, jasmine, or grapes. As long as you keep the vines trimmed away from the springs and hinges of the swing, the plants will flourish. The delicate leaves of filled trellises provide shade in the heat of the day, so you can enjoy a cool afternoon on your garden arbor swing. During dawn and twilight, the flowers of the plant are likely to surround you with plumes of memorable scents.

Landscapers, gardeners, and homeowners site privacy and comfort as good reasons for investing in a garden arbor swing. People want a single unit that combines the functions of a chair, tree swing, porch, patio, hammock, and plant trellis. Install an arbor swing to create the ideal niche for sequestering yourself on a lazy, summer day, or watching jays and robins come to your birdbath in spring.

You can select a garden arbor swing to match other hardscape elements in your garden, such as pergolas, trellises, awnings, Adirondack chairs, deck floors, tables, or bird feeders. The arbor swing itself can be seamlessly integrated with a low fence, gate, gazebo, hot tub, or porch by using the same wood and equal proportions.

You will find a garden arbor swing comes in many types of wood, chosen to weather with the seasons. They will eventually turn a burnished pewter. Common lumber options include red cedar, redwood, teak, and cypress. Of course, for a different appearance you might prefer synthetic materials that resist any changes due to weather, such as vinyl. A garden arbor swing in wrought or cast iron gives an impression of Gothic, Victorian, or French Provincial d├ęcor.

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In my early twenties my roommate built a cedar porch swing on our screened-in porch. It was beautiful and it added so much personality to our outdoor space.

We placed lots of hanging plants and young trees on the porch, but the best part about it was the swing. What a way to relax after a long, hard day at work.

I still crave a porch swing. There's something special about being able to sit outside and let the worries of your day slip away. I think it's a southern thing. I must be southern and just don't know it. Or I just love to swing, and that's not southern, it's global.


Instead of using real wood, I love how lots of Florida porch swings are now made out of recycled plastic. This is a great way to recycle while creating something beautiful and long-lasting.

I've also noticed how Florida parks have gorgeous walkways that look like wood but are recycled plastic. They will last longer, stay more durable and look better longer.

My kids and I love to skateboard on the park bridges made of plastic. They're smoother and more resilient than the wood was. No splinters, either!

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