What is a Garage Door Opener Keypad?

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A garage door opener keypad is an electronic device that is meant to open an automatic garage door. The keypad often contains a code that must be entered in the exact order in order to active the automatic garage door opener. The keypad is just one of the security features offered on many standard garage door packages.

The garage door opener keypad commonly comes in two different configurations. The first looks very much like a telephone keypad, with three numbers situated in horizontal rows. The other common type only has two number situated in horizontal rows, often necessitating the need for more rows.

The most common location for a garage door opener keypad is on the outside of a detached garage. They are hardly ever seen on attached garages, at least in residential settings, simply because there is other access to the garage area. With a garage detached from the home, the preferred method of entry may be through the garage doors.

Additional features may also be available on a garage door opener keypad, such as buttons that are illuminated via a backlight. This is particularly helpful when the ambient light in an area is not sufficient enough to properly light up the buttons. The backlight usually only comes on when a key is pressed and only stays lit for a few seconds, thus conserving battery life.


The battery is the way most garage door opener keypad models receive their power. This battery is often a 12-volt battery that is capable of being used for a year or more before needing replaced. Where electricity is readily available, the garage door opener keypad may be connected an electrical system, thus eliminating the need for a battery.

Another common trait for a garage door opener keypad is a cover. While the cover may do little to protect the keys and electronic components from the elements, it may offer a little protection. Often, this may be all that is needed in areas where there is already a partial shelter. The cover is usually plastic and unlocked, though locked covers may also be available, providing yet another level of security.

For those who live in harsher environments, it may be good to check reviews of different keypads and carefully read the packaging. Some will be designed to handle tougher conditions without very many problems. Others may quickly stop working if bad weather is encountered repeatedly. Durability in different conditions is a key factor.

Often, those who will be using a garage door opener keypad will also be using a garage door opener remote. The keypad is actually a remote as well, just a different type of remote offering another level of security. The standard remote often does not need this security feature because it is used from within the owner's automobile.


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Post 2

@rundocuri- I had the same problem with my garage door opener keypad, but it was old so I figured that was the problem. When I replaced it, the garage door repairman told me that the wiring inside of the door opener keypad had been damaged. Maybe you have a similar issue with yours, or maybe one of the wires has just come detached.

Since you stated that your garage door opener keypad is not very old, you should start with checking the warranty that you have on it. It very well might be a problem that is covered, so it might not cost you a dime to have it fixed.

Post 1

I have a garage door opener keypad in my home, and I am frequently having difficulties with it. Sometimes it opens the garage door, sometimes it fails to work.

This garage door opener keypad is not that old, so I'm frustrated that I am having problems with it. What could the issue be, and what can I do about it?

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