What is a Futon Bunk Bed?

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A futon bunk bed is a kind of bunk bed that has a normal bunk on the upper level and a futon on the lower level. These bunk beds may be made out of either wood or metal and usually are made with mattresses that differ in size. The mattress on the futon is almost always larger than the mattress on the top level of the bunk bed. The reason for this is that when the futon is folded up into a couch it fits perfectly under the top bunk. When it is opened for use as a sleeping space, however, it expands in size.

The lower level of a futon bunk bed functions just like any other kind of futon. It can be folded out to offer a mattress for sleeping or it can be collapsed to offer a seating space. The futon bunk bed can be thought of as a super space-saver. Both bunk beds and futons allow people to save a great deal of space in their homes. A futon bunk bed is a hybrid of these two space-saving designs.


The top mattress in a futon bunk bed is usually a twin or full. When the top bunk has a twin mattress, the futon below usually has a full mattress. In cases where the top bunk is a full mattress, then the futon mattress below is of a larger size, such as a queen-sized mattress. It is most common for a futon bunk bed to be used to sleep two people, but it is possible to have one person sleeping on the top bunk and a couple sleeping below on the futon.

It is common for a futon bunk bed to be used in a child's room. It may also be used in a teenager's room. The bed may be used by children or teens who share a room. A futon bunk bed is also a good choice for a kid or teen who has frequent sleepovers with friends and, therefore, needs an extra sleeping space in his room.

This kind of bunk bed can also be useful in a guest room as it offers sleeping space for up to three people. If the guest room doubles as a television room or a home office, then the futon level can be used as a couch when there are no visitors. When the top bunk is not being used by a guest, it can be used as a storage area.


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