What Is a Full Body Wax?

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A full body wax is a method of removing unwanted body hair from the entire body. In this method, hot wax is poured over small areas, a cloth is immediately smoothed over the wax, and then it is pulled off in the opposite direction of the hair. This pulls the hair out by the root, ideally preventing it from growing back for at least a few weeks. This can be quite a painful process, though many people feel it is worth it to temporarily get rid of body hair. Both men and women may get a full body wax.

It is important to prepare for a full body wax before getting one. The skin should be exfoliated, washed, and thoroughly dried. It is necessary to allow hair to grow to a certain length before getting it waxed, otherwise the waxing process will not really work because the wax will have nothing to grab onto. Some people also take a painkiller about a half an hour ahead of time to dull the pain a bit, but it is certainly possible to take one afterward, if this step is forgotten. It is important never to wax skin that is injured in any way; blemishes, rashes, or cuts can become searingly painful if the skin is waxed.


A full body wax is done incrementally, and depending on the person doing the waxing, could take an hour or more. The same process of applying the hot wax, applying the cloth strip, and pulling it off will need to be repeated over the entire body. When the process is complete, a soothing lotion is generally applied to treat the skin. Keep in mind that a full body wax may mean different things in different salons; for instance, it might just mean arms, legs, and bikini area, or it might literally mean all the hair on the body, including back, chest, and underarms.

There are many reasons someone might choose to get a full or partial waxing. It does last much longer than shaving. Bodybuilders often receive a full body wax to make the lines of the muscles on the body as clear as possible. Other people might simply be more self-conscious about body hair and want to effectively get rid of it. It is only a temporary solution, however; laser hair removal is the only permanent solution for unwanted body hair, which is very expensive, but less painful.


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Post 3

@clintflint - I think as long as they explain it to the customer that they are doing it at their own risk then it's OK. It's not like they can't change their mind halfway through if it becomes too painful.

And full body waxing is probably cheaper in the long run than using other products to get rid of body hair.

Post 2

@Ana1234 - I don't think a reputable salon would allow anyone to just walk in without a previous relationship and get a whole body wax. If nothing else, the first time you have a wax on any part of the body is much more painful than subsequent times and I can't imagine anyone wanting to go through that all at once everywhere.

Eventually the hair starts to grow back finer and more sparsely and it becomes much less painful to wax, but that's definitely not true the first time.

Post 1

This might go without saying, but don't get a full body wax unless you've tried it in smaller areas first. And I don't just mean a spot test a few minutes beforehand. I mean, actually get a sensitive area waxed and see what happens to it over the next few days. Some reactions to waxing can take a while to develop and you do not want to have a whole body reaction when it's too late to do anything about it.

Don't assume that all waxes are the same, either. Different kinds of product and different techniques can lead to very different results, so find something that works for you and then stick to it.

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