What Is a Full Beard?

Alicia Sparks

A full beard is one of the most common, traditional types of beards, and typically covers more of a man’s face than any other kind of beard. Usually, full beards cover the cheeks, upper lip, and chin areas, and many full beards extend to some point on the neck. The length of a full beard will depend on the man’s personal preference. Growing a full beard takes different amounts of time, depending on the man, and some men are unable to grow full beards. Similar to other beard styles, full beards often require special grooming.

A full beard is the most common type of beard.
A full beard is the most common type of beard.

Since some men experience patches of bald skin or skin where hair grows only thinly or sparsely, not every man can grow a full beard. Men who can grow full beards, however, wear them at different lengths. Full beards can be worn clipped close to the skin, extremely long, and at varying lengths in between. Usually, a man’s personal preference determines the length of his beard, and a man might also consider other factors when determining the length, such as his occupation and the time of year or weather conditions.

Many full beards extend to some point on the neck.
Many full beards extend to some point on the neck.

Though personal preference plays a role, men grow full beards for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, men use full beards to camouflage facial features they are not happy with. For example, a man might grow a full beard to conceal a weak chin or ill-defined jaw lines. On the other hand, a man might use a full beard to provide cover for a chin or jaw lines he feels are too defined or protrude too far. Some men grow full beards because they live a lifestyle or in a climate that calls for additional protection for their faces.

The steps involved in caring for a full beard generally depend on the length of the beard, the man’s hair type, and any personal preferences the man has. For example, if the beard is long, the man might need to regularly trim the hair to remove damaged ends and maintain the shape of the beard. Generally, men with long beards must pay extra attention shampooing them to keep them clean. Too, a man with a bushy beard, often caused by thick, coarse hair, might need to use specialized grooming products such as beard conditioner or beard oil. Some men choose to dye their beards, and others let them turn gray naturally along with the rest of their hair.

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Sometimes people ask me only after a week of growing, how their beard looks. You have to give yourself at least a month to judge growth and natural shape of the beard. It's not easy to grow a nicely shaped full beard. It takes effort and a lot of patience.


@literally45-- I love a nice full beard too so I can understand. If you can't grow a full beard, don't be frustrated. It was the case with most of us around that age. Hair growth mostly depends on genetics. Some people take longer than others to get a full beard. Be patient and give yourself time, it'll surely come in. I was almost twenty-four when I go a full beard.

It also helps to eat a nutritious diet and lead a healthy lifestyle. Avoid smoking and do some weight-lifting if possible. Weight-lifting promotes testosterone production which is essential for hair growth.


I can't wait until I have a full face beard. I'm nineteen but my cheeks haven't filled in yet. I do have good growth around my jaw line and even my neck.

Is there anything I can do to speed up hair growth on the cheeks and mustache?

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