What Is a Frozen Yogurt Maker?

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A frozen yogurt maker is similar to an ice cream maker and, in fact, sometimes doubles as one. There are different kinds of frozen yogurt makers, which make the dessert snack in various ways. The machines are sometimes on the expensive side, but price largely depends on size and features. Most makers are capable of creating smooth yogurt, and the variety of different makers available gives customers a range of convenience. Once the frozen yogurt is made, it can be eaten like ice cream or used as a topping for cake or pie.

Gel canisters are popular frozen yogurt makers, but this type of maker requires freezing the canister hours before making the dessert. In fact, the gel in the canister’s walls sometimes takes up to a full day to fully freeze and be usable for making frozen yogurt. The canister itself is used to hold, mix, and cool the ingredients of the dessert. After a few hours of mixing and cooling, the ingredients become frozen yogurt.

A self-cooling frozen yogurt maker is one of the most convenient types available. It does not require ice or freezing for hours in preparation. Self-cooling machines use electricity to cool the yogurt, much like a refrigerator cools the food inside it. This technology is usually the most expensive available when it comes to buying a frozen yogurt maker machine.


Bucket makers are sometimes hand-cranked and considered the old-fashioned way to make ice cream or frozen yogurt. They require a lot of ice and salt to cool the ingredients and must be turned by cranking the device. This is usually the least expensive option when buying a frozen yogurt maker.

The best frozen yogurt maker for a particular person depends on how much convenience he or she wants out of a maker. Self-cooling machines are by far the most convenient, but they are also the most expensive. Bucket makers can turn making ice cream into a family activity, while gel canisters are best for people who are good at planning.

While very similar to ice cream, frozen yogurt is usually considered a healthier option because it has less fat. It is also more tart than ice cream, but otherwise has similar flavors. Frozen yogurt is made, sold, and used in much the same way ice cream is. For example, it can be used as a somewhat healthier topping for cakes and pies or placed in a cone to eat like ice cream.


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