What is a Frozen Food Knife?

Malcolm Tatum

Dealing with frozen foods is handled easily and efficiently by employing the right type of kitchen utensils. One of the best of these utensils when it comes to working with packages of frozen vegetables, meats, and other frozen foods is the frozen food knife. With its sturdy construction and solid steel blade, the knife can turn a hard task into an easy one.

Frozen beef.
Frozen beef.

One of the most important features of the frozen food knife is the saw-toothed blade construction. Made with stainless steel, the blade has a series of coarse teeth that are ideal for cutting frozen food cartons open with a simple sawing motion. The coarse saw tooth blade is heavier and slightly thicker than most standard kitchen blades, which means that it is less likely to bend or quiver during use. Along with a sturdy blade, the handle is also heavier and easy to grip. This makes it much easier for the user to apply the leverage required to successfully cut through frozen cuts of meat cleanly and without slipping.

A saw tooth blade is an important feature of a frozen food knife.
A saw tooth blade is an important feature of a frozen food knife.

Another factor of the saw-toothed blade is that the steel is tempered to be resistant to cold. Because of this property, the frozen food knife is able to retain a sharp edge even with repeated daily use. Whether the knife is used on cuts of meat, frozen breads, or packages of frozen vegetables, the blade will hold up well. When it comes to periodic sharpening, there are not any special tools required. Standard knife sharpeners that are configured to work with any type of saw toothed blade will work equally well with this knife.

Purchasing a frozen food knife is not hard at all. Many of the kitchen departments in discount retail stores will feature several difference sizes. Along with the discount stores, kitchen boutiques and other fine department stores often offer sets of frozen food knives at very reasonable prices. While a set of the knives may seem expensive at first, the truth is that good quality tools will last for years with nothing more than standard care and maintenance. Investing in a durable set containing multiple sizes of knives will ensure that working with frozen foods will be easy and quick for many years to come.

A frozen food knife may be required to work with packages of frozen vegetables.
A frozen food knife may be required to work with packages of frozen vegetables.

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@BelugaWhale - baileybear has a very valid point in that this particular type of knife isn't normally found in department store sets because it isn't a necessity in most people's homes. You can go out and purchase one if you handle and chop frozen food or things on a regular basis, but they are really no different from a serrated knife (a larger one) aside from the strength and durability which you might normally expect outdoor knives to have.


@BelugaWhale - You don't see the frozen food knife in regular cutlery sets because it's not a necessity for a home to have. Many people don't have the need to go about chopping up frozen things and so you often find them sold separately from actual knife sets because of that very reason.

Frozen food knives are more of a commercial grade piece than anything else, I think. If you want to buy a knife, then you should most definitely do research as this type of instrument is meant to stand up to tough jobs and be durable.


So technically this frozen food knife is like a hand saw, yes? I don't really know a cutlery knife set that offers this as part of it's collection. I think many of the knives that are in there with this description are actually bread knives. Usually there is one knife like this included, but it's not meant to handle the job described above.

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