What is a Freemale?

A freemale is a woman who opts for a single life, valuing friendships rather than pursuing extended romantic relationships. Some freemales also choose to live childfree, choosing not to have children for a variety of reasons, while others decide to become single mothers. The numbers of freemales around the world appear to be on the rise, with several demographic surveys in the early 21st century indicating that single women outnumbered married women for the first time since the First World War.

There are a variety of reasons to choose to live as a single woman, and these reasons vary widely from freemale to freemale. Some women cite the desire for an unencumbered lifestyle, which allows them to spend more time with other single friends, travel, and pursue other activities without having to cater to the needs of a partner. Others simply prefer a solitary life, although they may develop rich friendships with an assortment of friends.

Some evidence seems to suggest that the rising numbers of freemales may also be linked to the divorce rate. Young single women may decide to remain single after seeing relationships of friends fail repeatedly, believing that living as a single may be preferable to dealing with the chaos of relationships. Others simply haven't found partners who interest them, while some have an inclination towards asexuality, preferring friendships to romantic relationships.


The freemale demographic is very intriguing to researchers who look at shifts in the human population. Single women are especially common in cities, and they take up large numbers of housing units, because of the fact that they live alone, putting pressure on housing markets to provide homes which are comfortable for single women living alone. Freemales also have a great deal of disposable income in many cases, which can translate into growth for companies savvy enough to cater to the freemale demographic.

While people may assume that women living alone are naturally childless, this is not in fact the case. It is certainly true that in some cases, freemales are not at all inclined to have children, others are interested in having children and do pursue childrearing, sometimes with the support of another female friend who has also opted to be a single mother. Freemales may choose to adopt, pursue sperm donation, or make arrangements with male friends to have a child jointly, but not to establish a romantic relationship with each other.


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Post 4

I never heard of the term "freemale" before reading it here. I made a random search for "single life" and this new term popped up. So, I guess I'm a freemale. However, I'm not a lesbian -as suggested by Jazmine. I just haven't found a man worth my time and absolute commitment. But when I do, it's on!

Post 3

Back in my day, it was called being a lesbian, not a freemale. If you ask me, lesbian kind of sounds better.

Post 2

@ElizaBennett - I think you're right. I was 32 when I got married myself and those years living by myself were invaluable. I was able to save up some money even though I was blowing a fair bit on shoes and fruity drinks, dated a lot, and generally learned who I was and what I liked. Getting married was quite an adjustment! I do enjoy now having another person around the house to do some of the literal and metaphoric heavy lifting.

I had never heard the term, either. I have a friend who seems to meet the definition of a "freemale," but she doesn't call herself that. She's my age (thirty-five). She wanted to get married when she

was younger, but now she kind of feels like the time has passed - the wave of her friends getting married has slowed and now they are starting to get divorced or are buried under a mountain of diapers.

Meanwhile, she's joining tour groups to Europe and buying an adorable small, luxury condo. She does have nieces and nephews and says that's the best, because she can give them back!

Post 1

I've never heard this term before - I think all women should try living single for a while before they get married even if they don't want to commit to the "freemale" lifestyle permanently.

I married quite young myself - I was only 21 and barely out of college. My fiance and I had lived together for my last year, too, so I went straight from the dorm to living with him.

Don't get me wrong, I love my life. But sometimes I feel like I missed out. I never rented an apartment myself, never got full control of the remote, etc. There are certain things that you never really know about yourself unless you live on your own.

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