What is a Forms Burster?

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Also known as a paper burster, the forms burster is a piece of office equipment that makes it possible to separate a number of different types of perforated forms. They come in a range of sizes and can be configured to handle specific types of forms, or provide a range of different settings that will handle numerous sizes and thickness of form copies. In addition to use in separating forms, many bursters can also be used to trim the copies as part of the process.

There are forms burster models that are designed for offices of just about every size. The small office can benefit from the presence of a tabletop burster. Generally, tabletop bursters work very well with tricopy form sets that need to be separated for filing. Even though the units are somewhat small, they often come with collating trays that allow easy sorting of the separated pages, as well as trimmers that remove the tractor-feed edging off computer forms.

The floor model forms burster is the ideal solution for a larger office. Along with easily separating and trimming multiple copies, the collating trays for these form burster models often make it possible to create anywhere from five to twenty perfectly segregated sets of forms. Some of the floor model products on the market even come with a stapling function, which can make the filing of sets much easier.


In general, a forms burster can handle the trimming and separation process at a rate of anywhere from eighty to one hundred forty sheets per minute. This is easily superior to even the most efficient manual separation process. Businesses that make use of such documents as gift certificates, payroll checks, or invoices generated on computer paper will find a forms burster to be an invaluable piece of office equipment. Best of all, the level of efficiency that a forms burster brings to the office will allow the burster to pay for itself in a very short time.


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