What Is a Forklift Jib?

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A forklift jib is a type of device that is attached to the blades or forks of a forklift, allowing the lift to be used as a mobile crane. Essentially, the purpose of a forklift jib is to make it possible to lift and move objects that could not be picked up using the blades alone. Usually equipped with some sort of hook or series of hooks on one end, the jib makes use of the power of the lift mechanism itself to hoist heavy objects that would not balance well on the blades, and move them to another location with relative ease.

As one of the more helpful forklift extensions available today, the forklift jib typically comes in either a telescoping or a pivoting design. With both types, the body of the jib fits neatly over and around the two forks or blades of the lift. The telescoping jib makes it possible to leverage the weight of the lift with the heaviness of the object that needs to be transported, as well as making it easier to keep the object a safe distance from the lift itself. At the same time, the telescoping jib can be helpful in placing the object into a tight space that the body of the forklift could not enter.


The pivoting forklift jib adds another dimension of movement to the ability of the forklift. With this additional feature, it is possible to move the object into a desired position easily. The pivoting action may aid in actually picking up an object, or help in maneuvering the object around and over other items during transport. This action may also aid in angling the object in order to set it down into the most advantageous position once it arrives at the desired destination. Both the pivoting jib and the telescoping jib are usually built to support considerable amounts of weight, making them ideal for use in moving heavy equipment that is commonly found in many manufacturing plants.

As with all types of ancillary forklift equipment, a forklift jib is often designed to work with specific makes and models of lifts. While expensive, it is possible to purchase refurbished or used jibs that will provide many years of service. Companies that carry heavy equipment for factory and warehouse use are often excellent sources of different types and sizes of jibs, making it easy to find the ancillary devices that are ideal for any work setting that requires the use of a forklift.


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