What Is a Forklift Inspection Sheet?

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A forklift inspection sheet provides a checklist of all of the essential information that needs to be addressed before operating a forklift. The types of inspections performed are different depending on what types of forklifts are being examined. Each type of truck has its own specific daily inspection sheet, often provided by the manufacturer of the forklift, which covers visual and operational inspections. Inspection and maintenance of forklifts by law are supposed to be tasks that a company trains its employees to do, often according to rules set by a governmental agency.

A forklift is a highly specialized machine capable of lifting heavy materials. Operators must be properly trained to use each type, and this training involves knowing how to fill out a forklift inspection sheet. It is sometimes recommended to modify the checklist according to the manufacturer’s guidelines so that the forklift inspection sheet that is compatible with the truck type. This proper documentation is essential for assuring workplace safety and maintaining compliance with industry and governmental standards.

An itemized list and tabulated rows to check off whether that item is satisfactory or not make up a forklift inspection sheet. A space for describing problems and documenting maintenance may be provided as well. Points for a visual inspection include a check of the air and wearing of the truck’s tires, light function, fluid levels, any leaks, and the condition of fork components, such as retaining pins.


When an operational inspection is conducted, a more involved process of running through different functions occurs. The operator needs to raise and lower the fork, check the breaks, horn, and steering, and also examine the safety harness and function of the engine. If a component is found to be operating normally, the operator marks this down on the forklift inspection sheet.

For record keeping, the forklift inspection sheet also has spaces for writing in the model number and type of forklift that is being checked. It also includes time and date places so that every inspection is attributed to the exact day it was conducted. In addition to checks of the various parts of forklifts, the inspection sheet can also be used to record when fuel is added to the truck. The information can include what department conducted the operation, during what shift, and what kind of fuel or other fluid, such as engine oil or hydraulic fluid, was put in.


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