What is a Foot Massager?

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A foot massager is any device used to massage and relax the muscles of the feet, through the use of vibration, rotating rollers, heat, or water. Because reflexology points in the feet are connected to organs and tissue throughout the body, massaging the feet can be an excellent way to relax, relieve stress, and even help to relieve headaches. There are many different types of foot massagers available, many of which can also massage the ankles and calves.

The first type of foot massager is the simplest. This usually consists of a set of wooden rollers on a half-circle that sits on the floor. This is not powered; the user simply rubs his or her feet on the massager. Each individual roller is then capable of targeting reflexology points on the feet.

Another popular type of foot massager is an electric-powered one that features vibration, large rollers, heat, or a combination of those. These come in all different types of designs; some are flat on the floor, and the user just puts his or her feet on top of it so it can massage the bottom of the feet. Others are shaped like slippers, to massage the top and sides of the feet while keeping them warm. In another design, the foot massager is shaped like a pair of boots, which is then capable of massaging the ankles and legs as well as the whole foot.


The final type of foot massager is also referred to as a foot bath. This is a small tub big enough for the feet, and is filled with warm water to soak the feet in. Often, these tubs feature jets or may gently circulate the water to massage the feet. In addition, it may be possible to add softening ingredients to the water, to give the feet a pedicure-type treatment. Be sure to always read the directions for the foot tub before adding any bath oils, and remember to disinfect the foot tub before allowing anyone else to use it.

A foot massager can make an excellent gift, because everyone could enjoy relaxing at the end of the day with a foot massage. These massagers can be found in most home stores, discount stores, or may be purchased online. They range in price widely depending on their features and manufacturer. A foot massager may be used every day to help relieve pain and tired muscles from being on one's feet all day, or to simply relax.


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