What is a Foot Controlled Mouse?

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Foot controlled mice are devices that can be attached to a computer and utilized to navigate through various applications. The foot controlled mouse can be used independently or utilized in conjunction with the conventional desktop mouse. Just like the traditional hand operated mouse, the foot controlled mouse allows the user to easily navigate through software programs and browse the Internet without having to rely solely on the keyboard.

Most incarnations of the foot controlled mouse are a two section system. One segment will provide the control for the cursor. This segment is commonly referred to as the slipper. The second section allows the operation of mouse clicks and the use of shortcuts. This section is known as the pedal. Many designs for the foot-controlled mouse allow manufacturers to preprogram the shortcuts, although consumers may override the programming and designate their own customized shortcuts.

Most designs for the foot controlled mouse include straps that help to hold the device in place. A long cable runs from the body of the foot mouse to a USB port on the hard drive of the computer. Some designs allow the user to operate the slipper and pedal by simply shifting the weight of the foot to the right or left. Moving the cursor across the computer screen would require nothing more than moving the foot in a fashion that is not unlike moving a desktop mouse around a mouse pad.


A foot operated mouse is normally manufactured to be compatible with a wide range of operating systems. Even some of the older systems will work with the foot controlled mouse. While the device does take some time to get used to, many users find that the foot controlled mouse is a great way to continue using the computer while minimizing the pain associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. Since the foot controlled mouse will not interfere with the function of the desktop mouse, users can easily employ both devices at the same time.


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Post 2

There are a lot of different models of foot controlled mice out there. Does anyone have any opinions on the best ones? Has anyone ever used one? I'd love to try one and see how well they work.

I'm kind of thinking like Scrbblchick that I might like having one in addition to my regular mouse, to give my hands and shoulders a rest. I can see where using one would be a good way to help relieve carpal tunnel syndrome. They're probably just more ergonomically healthy anyway. I don't know if I'd want one with a standing desk, because that would probably mean you were putting too much weight on one leg all the time.

Post 1

I was going to say that a foot controlled mouse sure would be easier on my shoulder and arm! I use a trackball at work, which helps, but I could get into using a foot mouse, I think.

My feet are fairly agile, so I think once I got the hang of it, a foot mouse would be really handy!

I'm a little surprised the foot controlled mouse hasn't become more popular, since people want ways to keep their hands free. It surely would be handy to have one when I'm on the phone and need both hands to type, but need the mouse, too!

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