What is a Folding Weight Bench?

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A folding weight bench is a piece of exercise equipment that is used as part of weight lifting regimens and has at least one joint within the surface of the bench, allowing the user to make adjustments to its shape. The term folding weight bench can also refer to weight benches that are meant for home use and can be folded up for storage. Even these, however, often have joints in their surfaces. One of the benefits of this kind of folding bench is that it allows users to perform a number of weight lifting exercises.

In most cases, a folding weight bench does not fold at the center. Rather, the joint is much closer to one end of the bench than the other. This allows a user to raise the longer end of the bench and create a chair to support his back, head, and neck. The angle of the chair can be adjusted for comfort. It can also be adjusted so that one is in the best position to perform certain kinds of weight lifting exercises.


The surface of the bench, where a weight lifter sits or reclines, is padded. The padding may be covered in leather or a synthetic material that is similar to leather. The rest of the bench, however, is metal. It is also common for a folding weight bench to have a padded cylinder connected to one of its legs. A weight lifter can tuck his feet around this cylinder in order to brace his body for certain kinds of exercises.

The deigns for folding weight benches can vary quite a bit, and this is especially true when it comes to the legs of the bench and any other components that accompany the bench. In some cases, for example, a folding weight bench fits into a larger workout system. This sort of workout system may include rigging that allows weight lifters to practice bench presses. Prices for folding weight benches can vary quite a bit, depending on the the manufacturer and the store.


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