What is a Folding Table?

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A folding table has two or four legs which will bend with the help of a hinge, usually near the back of the tabletop, onto the back side of the table. The style varies between tables. You can purchase a table with built-in seats, like a picnic table, that folds together so that it resembles an extra large briefcase. There is the basic folding table, sometimes called card tables, where the legs fold in, and with one leg lining each edge, it creates a flat storable piece of furniture.

Folding tables can be large or small. Churches and schools seem to be famous for their long folding tables holding everything from potluck chicken to fuming volcano experiments. These large folding tables are wonderful for craft projects at home too. Some smaller folding tables are meant for your laptop, and are designed to give a little writing space on one side and hold your connection to the World Wide Web on the other. These little tables are handy when you’re working late into the night.

Of course some people think of cards, when they hear the words folding table. It brings to mind an afternoon drinking tea and playing bridge or smoking stogies while betting away some mad money with the guys on poker night. Cards aren’t the only games played on a folding table; ping pong tables often have folding options.


If you look at the history of folding chairs, you’ll see that they may go back as far as ancient Egypt. Since the ancient Egyptians used folding chairs, it’s easy to infer that they also used portable tables as well. Some of the most beautiful folding tables come from the Colonial and Victorian age. Antique tables with beautifully delicate legs that curve to a tabletop with molded edges are rare finds.

No matter if you’re looking for a table to stand up to glue, paint, and exploding experiments, share a couple of hours with good friends, or add beauty and elegance to any room you might consider a folding table. They’re flexible, store well, and are made to suit.


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