What is a Foam Pillow?

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Foam pillows are types of pillows that are created using soft spongy filling rather than goose feathers or other types of materials. In recent years, one of the most popular types of foam pillows are those filled with what is known as memory foam. The typical foam pillow is often an excellent option for people who suffer from allergies, or who need the consistent support provided by a synthetic pillow.

There are several benefits that make the foam pillow popular with many people. One has to do with the ease of keeping the pillow filling clean. Most brands can be ran through a standard washing machine and dried in a household dryer without causing the filling to degrade. In terms of support, the foam pillow tends to conform to the contours of the head and neck with greater ease than other pillow options. At the same time, the filling holds up to a great deal of use, making it unnecessary to replace the pillows as often as with other materials.


One of the more recent innovations with these kinds of synthetic pillows is known as memory foam pillows. A memory foam pillow offers all the advantages of any type of foam filled pillow, plus a few additional benefits. The holes found in the polyurethane cells will depress as pressure is applied to the surface of the pillow, allowing the material to conform with a degree of greater efficiency than standard polyurethane filled pillows. Memory foam is also more sensitive to heat, another characteristic that not only aids in allowing the material to conform, but also allows the material to regain its original shape more quickly than with standard foam pillows.

People with back problems or allergies often benefit from the use of foam pillows of every type. The filler is hypoallergenic, which decreases the chances of dust and other allergens from collecting in the material. At the same time, the superior ability of the foam-filled pillow to offer support to the neck and head helps to keep the spine in a more natural alignment, which can reduce stress on the vertebrae in the back. While there is a perception that any type of foam pillow is more expensive than other options, that is rarely the case. A good quality pillow filled with polyurethane will easily last twice as long as pillows filled with latex or other traditional options, while costing only a little more than pillows that contain other popular fillers.


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