What Is a Flower Festival?

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A flower festival is an event that is organized by local community groups or horticultural societies during which various types of flowers are put on public display. In some instances, a flower festival may be a small event attended by a local people who grow plants as a hobby. Other festivals are significant international events that involve major florists and attract larger numbers of tourists.

Typically, a flower festival is planned so that the events occurs at a time of year when many types of flowers are in bloom. Some festivals focus on particular plants; in this case, the organizers must ensure that the event is scheduled during the appropriate time of year for that species. Such events are often hosted in major parks in which case the park attendants may actively participate in the flower festival by planting large numbers of flowers that should bloom during the festival. In other instances, events are held in pedestrian areas of city centers in which case floral arrangements are often set up on temporary platforms, carts or even placed around prominent landmarks.


Some festivals are arranged to encourage amateur horticulturalists to grow certain types of plants. People are invited to showcase their flowers at the festival and awards are given to individuals who grow the largest, most colorful or hardiest plants. In many instances, there are several different awards categories in which case entrants can submit multiple plants and win various different awards. Local dignitaries are often asked to distribute the awards at events held in small communities while celebrities sometimes preside over the award ceremonies at major events.

Aside from competing for prizes, many florists showcase their plants in flower shows for commercial purposes. Some people use these events to win contracts with wedding planners, funeral companies and other types of firms that routinely buy large quantities of flowers. Additionally, major florists often market flowers to consumers at these events and some companies generate large amounts of revenue from sales at festivals. In some instances, commercial florists as well as amateur enthusiasts are able to enter contests to win prizes at flower festivals. Some scientists seek to genetically engineer new types of flowers and put these plants on display at these festivals.

While flower shows provide obvious financial benefits to florists, a flower festival can also bolster the economy of the local community. Food vendors often provide meals and beverages to attendees while musicians and other entertainers and sometimes hired to provide attendees with other distractions beyond the floral kind. Many municipalities heavily review on the revenue that annual festivals generate


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