What is a Flower Basket?

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Flowers have universal appeal. They are suitable for any occasion and any recipient. Flower arrangements can be made from fresh cut flowers, artificial or silk flowers, dried flowers and even paper flowers. While there are different types of flower arrangements, flower baskets are one of the most popular.

Flower baskets are commonly used as attractive accents in the home. They also make popular gifts during the holidays and on other special occasions. Flower baskets can also be given during times of grief, such as funerals, or as well-wishing sentiments for those who are sick. They are widely available from many retailers, including florists and garden centers. They can also be easily constructed to suit a particular need.

Since baskets come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and styles, a flower basket can be customized to fit an array of themes or occasions. They can even be based on or centered around a specific season. Flower baskets remain useful long after the flowers are gone too, making wonderful accents or containers for nearly any purpose. As with flower arrangements, there are various types of flower basket options.


For instance, hanging flower baskets are quite popular. There are various kinds of hanging baskets, ranging from plastic and wooden varieties to traditional wicker baskets. Flower vases are also popular, using tall baskets or containers to accommodate beautiful floral arrangements. Another popular type of flower basket is the fruit flower basket. Fruit flower baskets contain various types of fruit in addition to flowers, which can also be tailored for nearly any occasion.

When designing flower baskets, there are several types of flower arrangements. Different types of flower arrangements are used for different occasions and settings, depending on the focal point, shape of the arrangement and the fillers used. While a flower basket can be designed to accommodate nearly any purpose, once should be aware that there are three basic designs for flower arranging. Nearly all flower arrangements, including flower baskets, are based on at least one of these principles: line arrangement, mass arrangement, and line-mass arrangement.

With the first design principle, minimal flowers and foliage is used. Emphasis is based more on branches or woody parts, which accentuates lines. Mass arrangements use a mixture of flowers. This type of flower basket design usually encompasses triangular, circular, oval, or crescent-shaped baskets or arrangements. The last design combines both of the previous design elements with a more “anything goes” concept. Of course, for most flower baskets, the design options this is the design employed.


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