What is a Flowboard?

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The flowboard is a sporting device of fairly recent vintage. In construction, the flowboard is similar to a skateboard, but is meant for recreation that combines elements of several different sports. Developed in the early 1990’s, the art of flowboarding has gained a great deal of popularity, especially among teens and preteen children.

Preteens often enjoy flowboarding.
Preteens often enjoy flowboarding.

Flowboards are configured to make good use of the same skills found in skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing. The main section for the board is the deck or upper portion. This area is very similar to the skateboard, although slightly oversized. Providing the support for the deck are two sets of trucks on the underside. Each truck is equipped with a set of seven small wheels that are built into an arch design. This unique wheel configuration is what gives the flowboard some of the feel of the slightly curved snowboard when in use. At the same time, the shape of the deck mimics that of a surfboard as well as bearing a resemblance to the skateboard.

Because of the design of the two trucks of wheels, the flowboard can allow the user to engage in a number of different moves during the operation of the device. By making slight changes in the distribution of body weight on the board, it is possible to roll back and forth with the use of heel and toe action, as well as make very sharp curves by leaning to one side or the other. When going downhill, the flowboard is also easier to control when it comes to speed, simply by shifting the weight from the wheels that are moving to those that are not.

Available in three different sizes, a flowboard is an ideal way to enjoy sports even when living in the city. A flowboard can be used on a sidewalk, as well as in play areas in the city park. As the sport becomes more popular, competitions are taking place around the country with greater regularity. For models of flowboards currently on the market, check with a local sporting goods store.

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