What is a Floor Pillow?

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A floor pillow is a cushion or extra large pillow that is often used as extra seating or for added comfort when lounging on the floor. Frequently used when watching television or playing games, a floor pillow can be very functional. It can also be a stylish décor element brought into a space to add color or texture. A stack of multicolor pillows of different prints or textures can dress up wasted space such as an empty corner. You can purchase a variety of floor pillows or make your own.

There are different sizes and styles of floor pillows available. A floor pillow can be round, rectangular, or square. It may simply be a large overstuffed accent pillow, or it may look more like a box cushion, square with flat sides. It may be plain and simple, or tufted or embellished with cording or trim. A floor pillow may also have a removable cover, which can be taken off when it needs laundering, making it easier to keep clean.

Any fabric can be used to make or to recover a floor pillow, although sturdy material such as upholstery fabric, denim, canvas, leather, vinyl, or suede is suggested, since it will be used on the floor. Recover an existing floor pillow or make your own. The process of making a floor pillow is pretty simple, even if you don’t have a lot of sewing experience.


Start by removing the covering from an existing floor pillow, or purchase a pillow form or fiberfill to stuff your pillow. Select your fabric, then measure, mark from the back, and cut two pieces to the desired size. Be sure to leave an extra inch or so all the way around for a seam allowance. Pin the two pieces together inside-out and sew three of the seams closed, or close the seams with iron-on seam tape.

Turn the fabric right-side-out and place the pillow form into the cover or begin stuffing it with fiberfill. Make sure the corners are stuffed tightly for nice, sharp corners. Fold the open seam in and stitch with small, uniform stitches, using thread that blends with the fabric color. If using seam tape, pin it in place with just a few pins until you can press it into place.


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