What Is a Flea Trap?

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As its name suggests, a flea trap is a type of trap used to catch fleas. These can either be purchased or made. Commercial flea traps usually use light and heat to lure fleas to a sticky substance. Homemade flea traps work in a similar manner, but they can be made from common household items for little or no money. Flea traps should be placed all around a home to help control a flea problem.

Fleas in the home can be a serious, irritating problem for many people, especially pet owners. Not only do they cause intense itching after feeding on a host's blood, but they can also spread illnesses, including tapeworm and typhus. A flea trap can be used to catch and kill several types of fleas.

A commercial flea trap can be found in most pet stores as well as large chain stores. This is usually a type of electronic device. These types of flea traps can be either powered by batteries or a power cord.

Most fleas are attracted to light, heat, and vibrations. Electronic flea traps use all three of these things to lure fleas to the traps. When the fleas jump onto a trap, they will land on a sticky pad. This pad traps the fleas, and they eventually die. Many of these types of traps can catch thousands of fleas on each sticky pad.


Individuals who wish to use a less expensive or natural flea trap can make one. These are often very effective for trapping fleas. Additionally, most are also made with materials already found around the house, so they will typically cost almost nothing to make.

A homemade flea trap can be made with a desk lamp and a white bowl half filled with water. A few drops of dish detergent should be added to the water, which will cause the fleas sink instead of float. At night, the desk lamp can be pointed down toward the bowl of water. The heat from the lamp will attract the fleas, and they will jump into the bowl of water and drown.

To avoid electrocution and a possible fire, care should be taken when placing the lamp near the water. White contact paper can be used in place of the bowl of water as a safer alternative. A square of contact paper can be laid underneath the lamp, with the sticky side up.

A white candle can also be used as a simple homemade flea trap. The candle should be low and wide, and it should be set on a plate, placed in a dark corner, and lit. Make sure that nothing flammable is around the flame, however, and never leave a burning candle unattended.


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