What is a Fitness Log?

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A fitness log is a software program used to track health and fitness progress. Fitness logs are commonly used to support individuals looking to lose weight and can generally track the total calories consumed and amount of physical activity completed. By giving dieters a system to log their daily habits, these applications allow dieters to create reasonable weight-loss goals.

Many fitness logs offer a fully comprehensive platform that provides a variety of tracking applications that the user can use to fully define and monitor current health. Some of the most commonly included features are current weight, daily calories consumed, and exercise efforts. Advanced systems can track and record a wide variety of information, including heart rate during exercise and body measurements. Food diaries are included in many fitness logs to allow the user to record each item they consume throughout the day or review nutritional intake and total calories consumed.


Besides their utilization by the casual user, specialized fitness logs are available for athletes and fitness coaches. Fitness coaches can turn to these advanced systems to plan out workouts for multiple clients in less time. For athletes, such systems can be useful for recording information on sleep levels, amount of stress, and soreness after a workout. A fitness log book designed for the serious athlete will typically allow the user to track information related to the details of his or her sport. For instance, a fitness workout log for a runner may allow the athlete to record race descriptions, map out race routes, and log the pace set while running.

Fitness logs are available as software applications or online tracking programs. An online fitness log may be available for free, but users are normally required to register an account to access these programs. Additionally, these free online programs may not be as comprehensive as software applications or fee-based online fitness logs.

One primary benefit of some fitness logs is their ability to be used when away from the computer. Fitness tracking devices have all the same features as regular fitness logs but can be carried in pockets or purses, taken out to restaurants or gyms, and used doing daily activities. Many exercise logs are designed to be worn on the body and function as pedometers; others are designed to look like wristwatches for an inconspicuous design. Users interested in tracking their fitness goals but reluctant to operate another electronic device may be interested in using a fitness log with their mobile phone. Various fitness logs have created smartphone applications for their software, while users of basic mobile phones may be able to access online fitness logs through their mobile browser.

When used frequently, fitness logs may make it easier to stay motivated. Due to the detailed data collected, a comprehensive fitness training log will generally include colorful graphics that can give users a visual representation of health advancement. The ability to create charts representing weight loss, body fat, and exercise sets may help users be more accountable for what they consume and how frequently they exercise.


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