What is a Fitness Cruise?

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A fitness cruise is similar to a regular luxury cruise vacation but food and activity choices may be different. Typical cruises are for people who want to indulge in a variety of different luxuries, foods, and activities. A fitness cruise is for the individual who wants to lose weight, learn about health and fitness, and participate in healthy activities, such as yoga, dancing, and exercise. Fitness cruises are a good choice for those who want to start a healthy life style, get in shape, or change up their exercise regime.

There are many different types of fitness cruises to choose from. Some fitness cruises are designed for people who want to be active on their holidays, while others are designed for people who want to lose weight. All fitness cruises revolve around nutrition, exercise, and overall health.

Guests can expect the ship’s staff to bring on board health figures, such as spa experts, sport figures, fitness trainers, doctors who are weight loss experts, motivational speakers, and nutritionists. A fitness cruise will provide a multitude of educational information about health and fitness, such as healthy eating habits and proper exercise methods. Staff aboard the cruise may even write up an individualized exercise and diet plan for guests.


Many fitness cruise ships are equipped with huge fitness centers. They are often armed with all the latest workout equipment. Personal trainers can be found walking around the fitness centers ready to encourage and instruct guests. Massage therapists can also be found either in the fitness centers or elsewhere on the ship. Many fitness cruises come equipped with outdoor jogging tracks, volleyball courts, rock climbing walls, tennis courts, and in-line skating rinks.

Guests can expect meals on a fitness cruise to be appropriately portioned. Not only are meals portion controlled, they are often enriched with just the right amount of good carbohydrates to keep the body energized. The food served on the ship is usually high in protein and contains many other key nutrients for healthy living. Participants will be able to talk with a nutritionist on the ship who will explain healthy eating and proper nutritional dieting needs.

Fitness cruise guests can take part in group exercise, weight loss, and other types of fitness classes aboard the ship. Guests have a wide variety of fitness classes and activities to choose from. While the ship is docked, guests are able to take part in other activities, such as fat burning hikes, snorkeling, and other healthy activities that are fitness related.


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