What is a Fishing Competition?

Nychole Price

A fishing competition is an event that is held, usually once a year, for competitive fisherman to show off their skills. Popular fishing competitions include the Grafham Water, John Watts and Groote Eyelandy. Fishing competitions include three popular categories; fly fishing, deep sea fishing and bass fishing. There are several other smaller categories, to accommodate every type of fisherman.

A deep sea fishing competition might involve fishing for salmon or other saltwater fish.
A deep sea fishing competition might involve fishing for salmon or other saltwater fish.

The fly fishing competition is one of the most challenging. Avid fly fisherman flock to these competitions every year to demonstrate their casting abilities. Local fly fishing competitions are usually posted at the community fly shops.

Bass is popularly pursued in competitions.
Bass is popularly pursued in competitions.

The biggest fly fishing competition is the National Fly Fishing Championship. This fly fishing competition is a three day event that is held in a different location every year. The competition is held at two lakes and three streams, with the contestants competing to catch trout.

The deep sea fishing competition includes fresh and saltwater tournaments. Fisherman compete to catch tuna, salmon, marlin, sharks and other large game fish. Fisherman become hooked on the fight that the large fish put up during the attempt to reel them in. Small deep sea fishing competitions are held year round in every country. Information about these can be obtained from local charter boat companies.

The serious deep sea fisherman would likely be interested in fishing in the International Game Fish Tournament. This tournament is an annual event that is held in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Registration information, pricing and event dates can be found on the tournament website.

Avid marlin fisherman would probably enjoy the World Cup Blue Marlin Championship. This fishing competition is an annual event that is held at a different location every year. Event information, including cost, location and dates can be found on the World Cup Blue Marlin Championship website.

Bass fishing competitions are most popular among freshwater bait fisherman. The large mouthed fish is a fighter, making it one of the most popular fishing tournaments around. There are local and national fishing tournaments. For local events, check with your bait shop or log on to the BassDozer website.

Bass fisherman with a lot of talent may be interested in the National Bass West All Star Series. This series is hosted in California and Arizona, with the actual location varying every year. This competition is a two day event that hosts teams, with each fisherman competing to be the Angler of the Year. Rules and registration can be found on the National Bass West website.

Some species of tuna -- which provides the popular canned and fresh fish -- can grow more than six feet long and weigh hundreds of pounds.
Some species of tuna -- which provides the popular canned and fresh fish -- can grow more than six feet long and weigh hundreds of pounds.

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I have one single question concerning this sport of competitive fishing. As of right now, I'm writing a persuasive essay and what I believe is that it doesn't take any skill and it is supposed to be a quiet activity. So why are there competitions for a quiet activity that you can relieve stress from. Why do people yell when you catch a fish and bring it into the boat, scaring away every other fish in the area. Because from what I know is that a fish has really good hearing and that if you were to talk you would scare it away and any other sound, like the engine of a boat going by, would make a fish swim away.


@KoiwiGal - I guess it is somewhat akin to what they do with those Facebook games. With fishing, whether you are in competition or not, you are doing something and occasionally getting a reward, almost at random. But, because the reward comes somewhat randomly, and isn't predictable, you get addicted, because you never know when it might come again.

With a fishing competition, that would be even more heightened because you'd be in for even more of a reward if you manage to get good fish.

I've never thought of it this way before. This explains why my mother's boyfriend is so very obsessed with offshore fishing I suppose.


@indigomoth - There is nothing more adorable than a young fisherman (or woman!) who has just made his or her first catch.

I remember I was absolutely fascinated by the idea of fishing when I was a kid. My parents worked near a pier and I would be out there after school every day, scrounging fishing hooks and lines off the rocks so I could fish.

I only came close to catching something once, although I got nibbles all the time. The nibbles were just so exciting though, I went back faithfully every day to try again.

I can absolutely see why people might love fishing sports and want to enter fishing competitions, even as children.


Our local fishing competitions almost always seem to have a kids section, which I think is great.

As long as they teach the kids to be judicious about which fish they catch and which they let go again.

A lot of children don't realize where food comes from, but the same kids would be horrified if not traumatized if you tried to show them that steak comes from that cute cow they see out the windows on car trips.

Fishing is like a bridge to that kind of knowledge. Fish deserve respect and decent treatment as well, but they aren't quite as cute as cows, so kids won't be so shocked when they make the connection between the fish and the fish fingers.

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