What is a Fish Grilling Basket?

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A fish grilling basket is a grilling tool which greatly simplifies the task of grilling fish. Since fish tends to stick or fall through the grilling grate when it is grilled, the device is intended to address both of these issues. In addition, fish grilling baskets can be used to serve grilled fish at the table, cutting down on the number of dishes generated at a barbecue. Many kitchen supply stores sell fish baskets, especially during the summer season when lots of cooks grill their food.

The basic design of the tool is simply a hinged metal basket which is designed to snugly hold fish as they are grilled. In some cases, a fish grilling basket may be shaped vaguely like a fish, designed to accommodate only one fish at a time. Others are larger, allowing cooks to grill cuts of fish, multiple fish, and a range of sizes of fish. Typically, a fish grilling basket also has a long cool grip handle, so that the cook can turn the basket on the grill or move it easily.


Since the fish is snugly snapped inside the basket, it will not slip through the wide bars of a barbecue grate and onto the coals. The fish may, however, still fall apart, so it is a good idea to pick firm, meaty cuts of fish like tuna steaks, for grilling. In addition, fish can stick slightly to a fish grilling basket, so both the fish and the basket should be oiled before cooking to reduce this problem.

Many fish grilling baskets also have feet, to lift the fish up so that it can easily drain after grilling. The feet also keep the basket stable on the table for serving. In some cases, the feet are designed to elevate the fish above the grill, too, making for a more indirect grilling method, which is suitable for more delicate fish. In this case, the feet will extend on both sides of the fish grilling basket, for even grilling on both sides of the fish.

When selecting a fish grilling basket, make sure to seek out a sturdy, well constructed basket which can be used and washed easily. Ideally, you should be able to submerge the whole basket for washing, and the finish should be solid enough to stand up to a firm scrubbing brush. You may also want to consider the size and configuration, so try to think about what kind of fish you grill, or would like to grill. Having a fish grilling basket around makes grilling fish much more enjoyable, and you may find yourself making a lot more grilled fish as a result.


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Post 4

@ivan83 - Wow, I had never thought of doing something like that. The minute I read your post my mind started bouncing around to all the things I could combine in the basket. Maybe a nice orange ruffy with some slices of citrus fruit or a salmon with apples. I am going to try this out this weekend. Thanks, you just made my day!

Post 3

I have a large fish grilling basket that can fit two fish on top of each other if the fish are small enough. I love to sandwich together two different kinds of fish and then put them into the smoker. Over the long cooking time the flavors mingle together and you end up with a really unique taste experience. The possibilities are really endless. You can also combine fish with certain types of fruit of vegetables to get even more exciting combinations. The creative cook will find a million uses for these clever little baskets.

Post 2

@gravois - I am also a big fan of grilled fish and the magical baskets that help me cook this way. I have found that they are good for other things too. On a few occasions I have filled them with large cuts of vegetables and cooked these over the grill.

If I didn't have the basket, half of them probably would have fallen through the grates. I also once cooked chicken wings in a fish grilling basket. This can be done without the basket, but if you have them all trapped together you don't have to worry about something going wrong. They are really a versatile tool. With a little imagination they can be used for a whole range of foods.

Post 1

I absolutely love fish grilling baskets! Fish is one of my favorite foods and I especially like it grilled. I spent many years struggling to grill fish successfully. It seemed like every other time the fish would break apart, or stick to the grill, or sometimes fall through the grates entirely. It was really frustrating and it almost put me off grilling fish entirely. Then one year I got a fish grilling basket for my birthday and things changed completely. They are so simple and convenient and they solve almost all the problems of grilling fish. I haven't ruined a fish in years!

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