What Is a Finger Mustache?

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A finger mustache, also called a fingerstache, is an artistic representation of a mustache typically tattooed or drawn onto the skin of the index finger that faces the middle finger. When the index finger is pointed out and held against the upper lip horizontally, this places the small image of the mustache where a mustache would traditionally grow on a person’s face. This type of skin decoration is popular with both men and women, although it is considered by many people to be a fad that will pass quickly and thus unworthy of permanent addition to the skin. Many people enjoy taking pictures of themselves with the mustache held in its appropriate place, and there are several websites and clubs that allow users to post pictures of this type.

This trend is popularly credited to a tattoo artist in Columbus, OH, in the United States named Giovani. The original finger mustache tattoo was created in 2003 and is said to have spread like wildfire from that original tattoo parlor. Internet image sites played a large role in generating popularity for this type of tattoo, but much of the interest in this design came from face-to-face interactions. Even though Giovani is thought to have sparked this trend, there may have been earlier instances of finger tattoos as well as simultaneous designs.


The exact design of the finger mustache is highly variable, but many involve curling tips characteristic of an English or handlebar mustache. Designs may involve clearly patterned hairs or may be entirely solid, tracing the outline of the mustache. In general, the mustache is quite small and is not close to the size of a real mustache. Colored mustaches may also be applied depending on the individual's preferences.

While many people choose to tattoo this design permanently onto the finger, it is also popular to use temporary tattoos or draw the design onto the finger. The social aspects of having a finger mustache are often lost when the design is not permanent, but refraining from applying the tattoo permanently can help prevent later regrets. Finger mustache clubs sometimes have rules about joining, but most are simply casual associations of people with similar tattoos.

In addition to the traditional uses of the finger mustache, many people also use this design to take humorous photographs of cats and other animals or to modify existing photographs. The tattoo itself has also become the subject of many art projects, typically involving the portrayal of the finger as well as the mustache. There are buttons and other paraphernalia attempting to capitalize on the popularity of this tattoo, as this design is not only representative of a mustache but also a lifestyle.


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Post 4

@fify-- I second this. I use temporary finger mustaches sometimes. They're a lot of fun and they come off later. The great part about it is that I can use different ones with different mustache shapes and styles. So I'm not stuck with the same thing all the time.

I like putting it on before parties. It's a great ice-breaker when the conversation isn't going too great. And of course, the photo-ops with friends are awesome too. We probably have dozens of finger mustache photos so far.

Post 3

@ZipLine-- I don't have one but my friend does. She got it way back when the trend first started. She loved it for a while but now she doesn't like it anymore. And when she got it, it was still not very popular so everyone thought that it was very unique and different. But now, many people have it and it has sort of lost its originality.

I think you're better off getting a temporary one. I've seen packets of temporary mustache tattoos at stores and also online. You just have to apply it to your finger and you can pose for all the photos you want while it's on.

This is probably the best option for most people who are excited about the idea of this tattoo but are not sure that they want it for life.

Post 2

I want a finger mustache but my mom thinks that I'll regret it later. I realize that it's going to be fairly visible on the finger, but it will also be so much fun to pose with it for pictures. And if I really want to hide it, I could try to wear a ring over it or something. I'm not sure if that will work but I really want this tattoo.

Does anyone here have a finger mustache? Did you regret getting yours later on? Was it worth it?

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