What is a Fashion Statement?

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A fashion statement is an event during which a person or group of people wear either a specific article of clothing or an entire outfit that somehow stands out and grabs the attention of onlookers. For example, a very new trend in fashion that has not yet caught on may be called a "fashion statement" when it is worn in public. It is common for a fashion statement to ferry in a new trend or to fly in the face of current trends in fashion.

It is quite common for celebrities to make fashion statements with their clothing. When Dennis Rodman showed up to an event scheduled to support his autobiography while wearing a wedding dress, he was making a very shocking fashion statement. Madonna, who is reported to have had a relationship with Dennis Rodman, has made quite a few fashion statements of her own. One notable Madonna fashion statement was the cone-shaped bra attached to a corset that she wore during her Blonde Ambition tour in the early 1990s.


In addition to simply wearing unusual or shocking garments, a fashion statement can also be political statement or represent the wearer's feelings about a certain social issue. In fact, many of these kinds of fashion statements are much more understated than the examples above. Someone who cares very much for the environment might, for example, prefer to wear clothing made from recycled material. A person who prefers not to use animal products may wear belts, shoes, and carry bags or satchels that are made out of leather alternatives. Although these sorts of fashion choices may not be as shocking as a famous basketball player making a public appearance in a blond wig and white wedding dress, they are fashion statements nonetheless.

One of the clearest fashion statements is one in which a person simply wears an item of clothing that includes a phrase or sentence that specifically defines one's feelings about a certain social or political issue. These statements are most commonly worn on the front of T-shirts but may also be worn on the backs of T-shirts, sweat shirts, or jackets. Such statements are made by both celebrities and people who live outside of the public eye. The musician Sheryl Crow, for example, wore a T-shirt with the words "War Is Not The Answer" emblazoned in black sequins to an American Music Awards ceremony in response to the war in Iraq.


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Post 4

Yes, I totally agree to this article as fashion statement can be anything that will grab the attention of everyone. I think the outfit that will suit you and make you more stylish is itself a fashion statement for you.

Post 2

I thought my nephew would have a cow the other day when we pulled out the old home videos (on VHS, no less) of the day that he was born. He was turning 16, and we wanted to have a lovey-dovey moment with him.

Yeah right! That lovey-dovey moment turned into one of hilarity instead!

Here is my sister, having a baby, with big, old poufy hair. And here I am, standing next to her, in a puff-painted, neon colored t-shirt complete with the t-shirt holder on the side (my hair was slightly less poufy, but poufy none the less).

Talk about a fashion statement! We were poster children for that transitional time between the 80’s and

the mid-90’s when nobody in the fashion industry looked good, but everybody was flamboyant.

So, we didn’t get our lovey-dovey, homespun memories moment. But we still got a pretty great moment of humor anyway. I know it’s one that I’ll never forget.

(Oh, and I have already hid that video from any other prying eyes who might seek to blackmail me in the future.)

Post 1

Our county’s public schools have been trying to pass a dress code requiring all students to wear uniforms for years now. Personally, as a former educator, I find the idea fabulous. Others, however, are far from thrilled with the prospects.

I thought that those who would be against this new rule would cite that many students would not be able to afford it. We live in a rural community where a lot of our students wear hand me downs and are often clothed out of the good will. That argument I can understand to a degree.

But the one that I have heard the most is actually from the wealthier parents because their children will not be allowed

to make a ‘fashion statement’ about their ‘class in society.’ They say this because the school uniforms cannot have logos or name brands printed on them.

All I registered at first was pure shock, and then honestly, disgust. How ridiculous! I think that part of our problems in schools right now is too many people making too many fashion statements.

Don’t get me wrong; I am all about some individuality and personal style. But when gangs are showing their colors, and the rich are using this as a way to set themselves apart from the less fortunate, are we really giving an education in the right things?

To some extent, wearing uniforms allows these kids to demonstrate their individuality in more productive ways.

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