What is a Family Coordinator?

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Non-profit organizations and volunteer groups often employ or recruit people to act as a liaison between the public and their organization. Oftentimes the title of Family Coordinator is given to this employee or volunteer. The job of a Family Coordinator can be a very involved one, requiring good communication skills and an extroverted personality, and at times it requires specific educational requirements.

A Family Coordinator might find employment at an organization such as the YMCA or YWCA. Family Coordinators at the YMCA often work with at-risk youth and the families of these clients. Because of the needs of the clientele, coordinators are required to have a background in psychology, child psychology, counseling, therapy, or family development, with a minimum of a bachelor's degree and two years experience working in their field of expertise. The Family Coordinator should be adept at taking notes and writing detailed reports, as well as working with the community to set up other programs and activities that support the organization and the needs of their clients.


In the United States, Family Coordinators can also be found at Head Start programs, which are federally funded early childhood education programs. Head Start refers to the position as a Family Partnership Coordinator. In this position, the main job duty involves keeping parents involved in the education of their young child or children. A bachelor's degree in sociology, social work, or psychology is required, as well as two years experience working in the field of study. The Family Partnership Coordinator is also responsible for considerable community outreach, which helps families and the program as a whole.

Family Coordinators are not always salaried employees. Sometimes organizations recruit volunteers to fill the role of Family Coordinator. At times the Special Olympics seeks a Family Coordinator to encourage and increase family involvement in the Special Olympics activities. The Coordinator is also expected to network with community and parent groups.

People who enjoy helping animals might find a volunteer position as a Foster Family Coordinator, assisting families in the pet adoption process. Many non-profit pet adoption organizations need volunteers to look over foster family applications, answer questions, coordinate visits, and follow up with families who adopt pets.

Many Family Coordinators are allotted a budget, so it is helpful to know how to keep accurate records. Good organizational skills are a must for this type of position, whether it is paid or unpaid. Anyone considering work as a Family Coordinator might consider taking a CPR and First Aid training class, as Coordinators often work with and around children on a daily basis.


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