What is a Dual SIM Adaptor?

Erin J. Hill

When someone wants to have more than one phone number while using just a single phone, a dual subscriber identity module (SIM) phone or adaptor is the primary choice. Although dual SIM phones are becoming more commonly available on the market, it is often simpler and easier to find a dual SIM adapter. This is a device which connects to an existing phone and allows the user to have two fully functioning phone numbers on the same device.

Some sim cards are packaged inside of a larger card in order to protect them from damage before use.
Some sim cards are packaged inside of a larger card in order to protect them from damage before use.

The use of a dual SIM adapter is a convenient choice for anyone who travels often and wishes to have a local number in each location, as well as those who want to separate business calls from personal calls. Most late model phones can be connected to an adaptor, but it is a good idea to double check with the service provider ahead of time. This company may also provide customers with the adaptor and any related equipment.

SIM card.
SIM card.

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In many cases, the dual SIM adaptor does not allow both numbers to be used simultaneously. To switch from one to the other, it often required that the user type in a numeric code, turn the phone off and back on, or activate some other switch. This is not necessarily the rule, however, and many newer models may allow both phone numbers to be activated at the same time.

There are some disadvantages to using a dual SIM adaptor. First, phone battery life is often diminished substantially. This means having to charge the phone more often, and risking being turned off during an important call. Sometimes it is possible to use an additional battery in order to sustain battery life, but this can be expensive and result in a bulky phone appearance.

Phones that are connected to a dual SIM adaptor are usually larger than phones with a single SIM card. This does not create any real problem in terms of use and function, but many people prefer to have a compact stylish phone or one that can fit in their pocket easily. Having a bulkier phone can make portability more of an issue, though not one that should outweigh the benefits of having a dual SIM device.

Generally, it is possible to find a dual SIM adaptor at wireless retail centers or by going online. To be sure of a proper fit, it’s a good idea to bring in the phone being used or find the one being purchased to be sure the adaptor will work. In the case of an older phone, a dual SIM adaptor may not be an option. The salespeople or technicians at the store should be able to provide accurate information on choosing the best adaptor or phone.

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