What is a Dual Charging Station?

J. Beam

A dual charging station typically refers to a device or valet station that is designed for charging two rechargeable devices, such as game controllers, cell phones, and music players. The actual reference to a dual charging station can be misleading, as some of them do not actually charge devices, but rather provide a central location for storing two devices while they charge. However, the term can also refer to a device that actually provides the power to recharge specific devices.

Many dual charging stations have the capability to charge MP3 players.
Many dual charging stations have the capability to charge MP3 players.

Common examples of dual charging stations that actually power rechargeable devices are those that are compatible with specific video game console controllers. Microsoft’s Xbox® and Nintendo’s Wii®, for example, can use wireless, rechargeable controllers. There are dual charging stations available for recharging both types of controllers, which eliminate frequent battery changes. By simply attaching the controllers to the charging device, these stations act as both a charger and a valet.

In other cases, a dual charging station may simply be a valet or caddy that is designed to hold two, or in some cases three or four, different devices while they charge. These products require each device to have its own appropriate charging cable and are common for users of multiple devices. For example, an mp3 player and cell phone can be stored in the device while they are both charging. This helps organize multiple devices by providing a central place for charging and storing when not in use.

When shopping for charging stations and caddies, consider their uses. For example, device-specific charging stations can only be used as intended. However, if you are looking for a device to charge multiple, but different types of devices, there are a wide selection of caddies and charging stations that can be plugged into any wall outlet and then offer multiple onboard outlets to plug in individual charging cables. There are even a few chargers that draw their power from a computer’s USB slot or solar energy. A few are also available for mobile charging, drawing power from your vehicle’s power port or cigarette lighter.

Pay attention to each model’s specifications before you buy to avoid purchasing a dual charging station that only accommodates certain types of charging cables. In some cases, you can eliminate extra cables, but in most cases, multiple devices require different types of charging cables and only the models that just act as a caddy or provide typical power outlets will accommodate a variety of devices. Of course if you’re purchasing a dual charging station for specific devices, like game controllers, this rule does not apply.

To find the largest variety of charging stations, check electronics retailers as well as the manufacturer website that corresponds to your device.

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