What is a Dry Skin Brush?

Sara Schmidt
Sara Schmidt

Though untangling hair is the most common use of a brush, many people use a beauty brush on their skin. A dry skin brush is an exfoliating beauty tool that gently sloughs away dead skin cells. Dry skin treatment is used by holistic medicine practitioners as well as beauty experts to help keep skin smooth and healthy.

A dry skin brush removes dead skin cells that create the appearance of dry skin.
A dry skin brush removes dead skin cells that create the appearance of dry skin.

A dry skin brush differs from a standard hair brush. It is typically oval and very soft-bristled, naturally made with a long wooden handle. Relatively inexpensive health and beauty tools, dry skin brushes can typically be found in health food stores.

Dry skin brushes resemble natural-looking back scrubbing shower brushes. In addition to ridding the body of old, dry skin, a dry skin brush can also help increase blood circulation. Many other healthful benefits may result from using a dry skin brush on a regular basis. Some claim that the process can help aid digestion and increase the oxygenation rate of the body. It may also help stimulate the immune and excretory systems.

In order to use a dry skin brush, stand in a dry shower. Without turning the water on, brush the body with small, circular strokes. The feet should be brushed first as the user works his or her way up the body. Brushing should be done very gently, without tearing at the skin. Delicate and facial areas, as well as open wounds or other irritations, should be avoided during brushing.

Once the entire body is brushed, the practitioner can shower as normal. He or she may wish to use all-natural showering agents to avoid absorbing toxins into his or her recently detoxified body. The dry brush routine may safely be conducted once per day. Unlike many other exfoliation methods, dry brushing does not result in the unnecessary loss of natural body oils. If a skin brush cannot be obtained, a loofah sponge may be substituted for the brushing process.

Detoxification proponents often use dry skin brushing in their cleansing routines. The stroke of a skin brush is thought to help increase the ridding of toxins through the body's skin. The lymphatic system may also be improved through dry brushing, which can also help with the detoxification process. Holistic practitioners believe that dry brushing helps cleanse the colon, kidneys, and lungs.

Another benefit found by using such a beauty brush is the promotion of relaxation. Some users of dry skin brushes report feeling very calm after using this type of product. People who use the technique for beauty reasons may do so in hopes of diminishing the appearance of cellulite, tightening skin, and helping the body to secrete more natural oils for a dewy, youthful appearance.

Sara Schmidt
Sara Schmidt

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