What is a Dry Orgasm?

A dry orgasm is a male sexual climax without the ejaculation of semen. Instead of the semen emitting through the penis, it goes back into the bladder and often is referred to as retrograde ejaculation. Other instances of dry orgasm occur when a male does not actually produce enough semen to ejaculate. This generally is not harmful, but males affected by this condition might feel depressed and lack self-confidence in their sexual performance. These types of orgasms generally are not harmful but can lead to fertility problems with achieving conception when a male is attempting to father a child.

When the prostate gland and seminal vesicles are surgically removed, sperm cells still are produced by the testicles. Unable to ejaculate through the penis at sexual climax, the sperm are reabsorbed by the body. Surgical removal of the bladder and direct radiation of the pelvic region also are reasons why a male might experience dry orgasm.

Men who ejaculate many times over a short time might experience dry orgasm after the initial sperm has been ejaculated. Most young males are capable of reaching multiple sexual climaxes, so by the second or third occurrence, they will have depleted their seminal fluid supply. Men who prefer to concentrate on achieving multiple orgasms will understand that the latter sexual climaxes will be dry. This is a condition of choice, so it is not a cause of concern to these males. They also can be reassured, because they know seminal fluid will begin to build up again after a short period of time.

An enlarged prostate, or benign prostatic hyperplasia, is a common problem affecting males older than 40 years of age. Many medications used to treat the bothersome symptoms, such as recurrent urinary tract infections and the need for frequent night-time urination, can cause retrograde ejaculation. Medications such as tamsulosin state in their accompanying literature that retrograde ejaculation or dry orgasm can be a side effect and in controlled tests was found to be related to the dose.

Squeezing the penis hard during sexual activity will prevent ejaculation, resulting in a dry orgasm, but after the pressure is removed, the seminal fluid eventually will leak out from the penis. Anecdotal reports from couples who practice tantric sex claim that males can control their bodies to inhibit ejaculation so that they can achieve multiple dry orgasms before choosing to ejaculate.

Diabetes, treatments for cancer such as chemotherapy and radiation, genetic abnormality factors, injury to the spinal cord, even constant pressure from frequent bike riding have all been attributed to the reasons for dry orgasm. The approach to treatment will depend on the cause and whether it is causing fertility, health or psychological problems.

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Holding in an ejaculate upon orgasm is actually not a completely safe technique. This can easily cause inflammation of the epididymis resulting in a condition (treatable and short lived) called epididymitis. This is also commonly known as "blue balls."

While it may not cause permanent damage, the body is designed to work in a specific manner (i.e., ejaculation upon orgasm) and deviations from this are typically advised against by urologists and andrologists alike.

Males experiencing a dry ejaculate without attempting to do so should consult a urologist and get a semen analysis and post-ejaculate urine analysis performed to make sure the cause is not retrograde ejaculation. As was mentioned the primary issue with retrograde ejac is the impairment of ability to fertilize naturally. Oh and epididymitis is not fun.

It's painful and annoying, and why anyone would purposely do this to themselves is beyond me. Males can't have multiple orgasms; deal with it.

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Dry orgasms are actually safe and can be learned. Why bother? You won't go limp and feel sleepy. You'll stay hard, feel energized, and finally be able to have all the sex and orgasms you want - total satisfaction.

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It would be very useful to see the (harmful or/and beneficial) long-term effects of dry orgasm to the body. Usually, articles say retrograde ejaculation is not harmful, and is only a problem for one who wishes to impregnate. What about "voluntary" dry orgasms?

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If a male is able to squeeze an orgasm when taking a test or in public (especially wearing light colored pants), it is often a great idea to 'choke' back the semen. I have been doing this for many years.

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Times have changed, apparently. Most people only see value in other people if they can get something from them.

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Today, the sexual expectations which have been propagated by the ubiquitous sex industry have caused a lot of confusion and self-abuse. Men and women have become fake. Drugs are used to enhance sexual experience at any cost, and there is break-neck competition which leaves everybody wanting. What ever happened to true love? We need to realize there is more to this life than how long you can go and how good you are.

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A male's sexual potency is often dwarfed by that of a woman. This can often cause men to feel quite insecure and vulnerable. Every man needs a woman who can make him feel like he is more than just a boy.

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After an orgasm it is important for a male to eat some food and recover before continuing sexual activity. This allows time for him to achieve a relatively stronger orgasm the second time than if he had continues straight onto it. Taking breaks can make the experience in general last longer, and won't be as tiring as otherwise.

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