What is a Drip Stopper?

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As a handy device that is constructed to attach to the neck of a bottle, the drip stopper has the purpose of keeping excess liquid from spilling out of the mouth of the container while the liquid is poured. Here is some basic information about the drip stopper, its construction and a few of the ways the drip stopper can be used to best advantage.

Drip stoppers are usually made with elastic materials that are as strong as they are flexible. In some cases, the drip stopper is constructed with two main pieces and a snap lock that joins the sections together. Increasingly, the two-section style of the drip stopper uses a set of magnets to create the seal around the neck of the dripping bottle. Other versions of the drip stopper are one solid piece that will easily stretch to accommodate the neck of the bottle.


The effect on dripping bottles is actually twofold. First, the drip stopper prevents any loss of excess fluid while the contents of the bottle are being poured. Secondly, the utensil is great for stopping drips while the bottle is being returned to an upright position. This dual action in stopping ripping in both instances means there is no wasted liquid and no messy counter or tabletop to clean as a result of spillage. This means you can enjoy your favorite wine or beverage without wasting a drop, and won’t spend any time trying to get wine stains out of your favorite linen tablecloth.

Along with use with wine bottles, a drip stopper can make life a little easier in the kitchen as well. For example, the drip stopper will work for pouring broth, dressings and fruit juices. Since the drip stopper is so easy to connect to a bottle, one stopper can easily be moved from one bottleneck to the next, or you can purchase several drip stoppers and keep them on the condiments and other liquids that you use most.

While the drip stopper becoming a popular kitchen utensil, it is not as easy to find as some other kitchen gadgets. However, many wine and spirits shops will have a selection of drip stoppers to choose from. Upscale food markets that feature selections of imported and top domestic wines are also likely to carry several types of drip stoppers. A third option is to check with kitchen and cooking shops, since the drip stopper is also very useful for other types of liquids.


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