What is a Dome Camera?

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A dome camera is a popular style of security camera used in stores, homes and businesses. This type of camera is available in many varieties for both indoor and outdoor use. Dome security camera systems are generally a dark gray to black color, and are used to record actions of customers or intruders.

There are two main ways a dome camera can be installed. It may be flush mounted to a ceiling or wall, or it may be installed pendulum style, where the camera is suspended from a rod attached to the ceiling. Pendulum styles are most often used in buildings with tall ceilings so the camera is closer to subjects being watched. This type of installation provides better face recognition.

Recordings can be either black and white or color. Camera surveillance in color provides better identification of subjects in digital video recordings. This can also help identify a thief: the color of their clothing will be visible.

Security camera systems may operate wirelessly or be directly wired. A security monitor may include a wireless receiver; the dome camera can transmit signals through the receiver's frequency to feed live video to the monitor. There are many monitor sizes that can support multiple camera feeds at a time. A wireless system transmits its feed to the monitor without wires, but it is not totally wireless—the cameras still have to be wired to the nearest outlet for power.


Complete security systems will include both indoor and outdoor cameras. Outdoor cameras are often helpful in crimes conducted in parking lots, such as car jackings and theft. An outdoor dome camera includes a tamperproof casing, which may include rustproof stainless steel hardware for durability. The casing is generally sturdy, so it is hard to break—and outdoor cameras are waterproof.

There are several options on a dome camera that can provide clearer images. A white balance feature can adjust the lighting automatically so images are more easily distinguished from a lighter or darker background. There is also an auto gain feature, which allows the monitor operator to increase the camera gain so people are easier to see in low lighting.

The dome camera has a great advantage over other types of cameras: due to the dark-colored lens, a person cannot tell if the camera is recording or not. In this way, dome cameras act as a deterrent even if they are not recording at the time. These types of cameras are used widely in casinos, resorts, banks, lobbies and museums—are are generally accepted as being the preferred nanny cam.


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