What is a DogBone Speaker Phone?

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There are a number of conceptual products floating around the Internet, one of them being a dog bone-shaped communication device called a dog bone speaker or DogBone Speaker Phone. The point behind this wireless dog bone-shaped speaker device is to allow owners to have interactive communications with their dogs while away from home. Theoretically at least, a dog owner should be able to dial a special cellular phone number associated with a DogBone Speaker Phone attached to the dog's collar.

Once the DogBone Speaker Phone has rung a designated number of times, the owner should have an open two-way connection with his or her pet. One end of the dog bone phone contains an amplified speaker which allows the dog to hear his or her master's voice. The other end contains a sensitive mouthpiece which should allow the owner to hear his dog's barking or other environmental sounds. When the "conversation" has reached its natural conclusion, the pet owner simply disconnects from his or her end.


While the idea of communicating with your dog through a dog bone-shaped speaker may sound intriguing, there are a few reasons why projected sales of a DogBone Speaker Phone may be less than overwhelming. One drawback is that many dogs don't actually respond well to an owner's disembodied voice alone. They may react to other visual or audio cues when an owner is physically in the same room. Hearing an owner's voice over a cellular phone speaker may not trigger the anticipated two-way communication a devoted pet owner often seeks.

Another potential drawback would be the lack of true interactivity between owner and pet. If the dog is overheard barking excessively or doing some other unacceptable activity, the owner would not be in a position to discipline or correct the dog's behavior. All the owner could do is listen helplessly as the sound of shredding upholstery plays in the background.

Conceivably, a dog bone speaker could be used much like a baby monitor, with a concerned owner dialing in for occasional updates on the dog's general condition. A human house sitter may be able to have a two-way conversation through the activated dog bone phone, or the dog itself may let out a reassuring bark or two.

Currently, there are no companies which market an actual DogBone Speaker Phone system, although there are several conceptual drawings and photographs for such a device floating around the Internet. While the concept may hold some appeal for a niche market of devoted dog owners, there are still a number of technical and practical issues which would need to be addressed before a true DogBone Speaker Phone system could be put on the market.


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