What is a Diversity Career Fair?

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A diversity career fair is a kind of job fair that promotes the inclusion of multi-ethnic, or otherwise diverse communities of workers in a job field or regional job market. These kinds of events are meant to help make job markets and workplaces more representative of the communities they serve. The general principle of fairness and a level playing field provides a foundation for diversity career fairs and similar initiatives.

When it comes to hosting and planning a diversity career fair, the event may have one primary sponsor or a group of sponsors. Various venues host diversity career fairs, equal opportunity job fairs, and other events. Some of them are public conference facilities, where sponsors often pay for the hosting of the event. In other cases, community centers or other venues volunteer to host a job fair.

It’s important to understand that the field or market identified in a diversity career fair can have a big impact on the event. Some diversity career fairs and job fairs are only inclusive of one field or segment of the job market. For example, a legal diversity career fair only includes law firms and legal sector employers. Other diversity job fairs may be more broad, and include a variety of local employers.


Some diversity career fairs have additional targeted objectives. One such initiative is the “multilingual job fair.” A multilingual job or career fair event combines recruiting of foreign language speaking professionals with some of the conventional principles that motivate diversity career fairs. Multilingual workers can be an asset to an employer, and putting together linguistic-centered initiatives with fair hiring is often a win-win situation.

Part of the importance of creating diversity career fair events is to analyze a region’s development in a general employment outlook or specific field. Planners may keep detailed records of volume of applicants or participants in the diversity career fair event in order to provide that information for public journalism or public administration purposes. Diversity job or career fairs and similar initiatives help guide the future of a municipality or local job market through identifying challenges to diverse hiring, and working to make local markets and local employers more inclusive. Planners may also look at how national equal opportunity programs or other diversity efforts can compliment a local initiative.


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Some CEOs strive to hire diverse people to make their companies well-rounded and representative of multiple races. Human resource managers who are tasked with finding diverse employees should consider participating in a diversity career fair. This type of event allows them to reach out to a variety of potential employees who have the skills, education, and diversity needed to create a diverse workforce.

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In college I helped organize a diversity career fair. It was very rewarding to help match job seekers with companies that wanted diverse workforces. This type of career fair is great for anyone who who is passionate about diversity, whether he or is looking for a job or looking for employees.

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