What Is a Display Stand?

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A display stand, in broad terms, is any sort of stand or propping mechanism that supports advertisements, promotional literature, or poster-based research. There are many different types of display stand. The simplest versions do little more that hold posters, signs, and flat advertisements upright on a table. More complex stands sit on the ground, and can support materials of varying heights and proportions. Some of the most advanced display stands incorporate new technology, supporting digital signs and promotions on plasma screens.

Individuals and companies alike use display stands in a variety of different settings. A display stand essentially makes something that was one-dimensional three-dimensional: that is, it elevates and gives life to some material that is ordinarily flat. The most obvious example of a display stand is a poster or display board stand. This sort of display stand is usually little more than a wire or metal triangle-shaped structure against which a display board rests.

Display stands can also be useful as a way of disseminating promotional material, such as fliers, booklets, or brochures. Literature stands make material visible, putting it at eye-level. Vendors frequently use stands like these next to tables at trade shows, in shopping areas, or in other high-traffic venues. The magazine displays and candy racks at grocery store check-outs are display stands in this category.


Advertisements that are placed in stores also often need stands. This type of advertising, known as “point-of-purchase” advertising, or POP advertising, markets goods and services that are immediately available for purchase. An advertising stand in this category can be as simple as a standing sign advertising fresh baked bread in a store’s bakery section.

Increasingly, advertisers are using technology in POP ads, often using plasma or digitized ad screens to display either static ads or video commercials. POP displays can usually be changed rather easily to reflect new specials or to appeal to a different type of customer. These sorts or display stands are usually quite expensive, but they are also more versatile.

A trade show is also a good place to see many different kinds of display stand. When companies visit trade shows, they are usually intending to market their brand and make an impression on potential clients and customers. This often involves more than a poster or literature stand.

Many trade show displays are larger than life, with images, slogans, and logos serving as backdrops and banners. A trade show display stand can be as simple as a retractable banner stand or as complex as a major pop-up ad contraption. These sorts of stands can be specially made for a certain company’s ads and are often customized to permanently attach to a certain canvas or image. Many come with lighting and other accessories to help attract attention.


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