What Is a Dishwasher Cabinet?

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A dishwasher is a handy kitchen appliance. It can save many hours of work, as it will wash and dry the dishes, generally at much higher temperatures than would be comfortable for a person washing dishes by hand. A dishwasher is a self-contained unit, complete within its housing, but typically the housing is not meant to be seen. Rather, it is intended to be put in a space under the kitchen counter or inside of a dishwasher cabinet, to give it a more attractive appearance.

An integrated dishwasher is built in to the kitchen, and fits in a space designed specifically for it. This type of dishwasher normally matches the other appliances built in to the kitchen, and often is the same make as well. It is mounted into a space under the countertop and has all of its connections out of sight inside the back of the space. This area, although not technically a dishwasher cabinet, functions like one in that it provides a place to securely mount the dishwasher so that it is easy to use and is securely held in its place.


There are other types of dishwashers on the market, some of which need a dishwasher cabinet and others of which do not. Countertop and portable dishwashers are typically designed with the cabinet as part of the unit. The dishwasher cabinet on these units is something like that found on a microwave oven or washing machine, as it is usually metal that is riveted or screwed to the outside of the dishwasher.

For areas that lack the room for an integrated dishwasher, a standalone dishwasher cabinet may be a good solution. This type of dishwasher cabinet is a separate piece of furniture that blends with the rest of the kitchen décor. It’s possible to buy matching kitchen items such as hutches, cabinets, and credenzas that are designed to go together, creating a custom kitchen look for a more modest price.

It is also possible for someone who is reasonably handy to build a dishwasher cabinet. The advantage of this is that it can be made to the exact specifications required, right down to the color of the trim. Building a dishwasher cabinet instead of buying one can end up costing about half as much, and is well worth considering for the homeowner who has the time and ability to do so. Whether purchased or built, these cabinets are an important part of completing the installation of a dishwasher in the kitchen.


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