What is a Diploma Frame?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

A diploma frame is a specially designed picture frame that is used for framing diplomas and other important certificates and documents. Frames of this type usually feature a tighter construction than standard picture frames. This allows the diploma frame to be sealed once the document is in place and thus inhibit deterioration of the document due to exposure to moisture or air.

A diploma.
A diploma.

Sometimes referred to as certificate frames or diploma covers, a diploma frame can be constructed with a wide range of materials. The frame may have a body composed of sealed hardwood or metal of some type. Materials used for the backing on the frame may be high-quality paper, wood, or some type of thin metal plating. In all cases, the frame and the backing work together to create an airtight seal that will protect the enclosed document.

While it is possible to purchase mass-produced diploma frames, it is also possible to have frames customer ordered. In many cases, custom diploma frames are a good option when the document is of a size and shape that will not fit properly into a standard frame. Going with a custom frame also means it is possible to select the type of material used, and choose the stain or coloring for the front of the frame. The consumer can also decide on the type of material used for the window of the diploma frame, and settle on the sealing method employed as part of the framing process.

Because of the nature of a diploma frame, this type of frame is not usually available in discount retail stores. While it is true that many discounted diploma plaques and frames are marketed as being appropriate for use with various types of documents including diplomas, it is important to note that these simple frames do not provide long-lasting protection for the contents of the frame. As a result, the document will undergo the normal amount of deterioration and yellowing as the years progress.

It is also important to understand that the airtight seal on a diploma frame will only last for as long as the frame remains intact. Once the seal is broken for any reason, that same seal cannot be repaired. If it is desired, a fresh seal may be applied. This will make it possible to restore the airtight status of the frame and continue to protect the document from deteriorating.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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