What is a Digital Photobook?

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A digital photobook is a collection of digital or electronic photos on the Internet. Similar to how a traditional photo album is put together with printed photos, a digital photobook allows a person to compile digital pictures into an album format. An online version allows the user to assemble his or her digital photos so they can be shared with family and friends without the need to print individual photographs or assemble hard copy photo albums.

Many online photo books also offer additional features. Similar to how a scrapbook can be created for hard copy photos, a person can create an online album with embellishments as well. Some online photobook websites allow the user to add captions, bubble sayings, and even music to the background of the photo album.

Digital albums are available through various websites. In most cases, it is free to create a digital photobook and to share it with other people. Most sites provide a link that the user can email to his or her friends and family, so that they can go to where the album sits online and look through it.


Options for viewing the photos in a digital photobook vary by site, but often include scrolling through the album by clicking the next button or arrow button to go to the next picture. An index page may also be available so that the viewer can click the thumbnail of a photo to go to it directly. The option to view the digital photobook as a slideshow, so that the pages automatically scroll through the pictures in the album, is also often available.

Online photo albums may also be viewed by hooking a computer to a television. Setting it up so that the album plays as a slideshow can make a great background show for parties or other get-togethers. Projecting the digital photo album on a screen or blank wall can also be a backdrop for engagement parties, anniversary parties, birthday parties, and other special occasions.

While a digital photobook can be stored and viewed online, many sites also offer the option to print the pictures. Once individual pictures are chosen, they can either be printed and mailed directly to the user, or some sites offer the ability to pick the pictures up at a local photo center. It may also be possible to turn the digital photobook into a hard-bound photo album, such as a coffee table book. Individual pictures can also often be printed on coffee mugs, key chains, t-shirts, and more.


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