What Is a Digital Organizer?

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A digital organizer is an electronic device that can be used to organize information, often data such as telephone numbers, addresses, and calendar events. These organizers are usually fairly small, easily fitting into a pocket, briefcase, or purse, and can store and display a wide range of information. They usually have a small keyboard and a screen, often a liquid crystal display (LCD), which can be touch sensitive. Digital organizer use has faded in popularity among some individuals, however, as smartphones have begun to incorporate the functionality such organizers provide.

Often called an electronic organizer, a digital organizer is effectively an electronic device that takes the place of a standard paper organizer. There are a number of benefits that can come from the use of such an organizer, including easier organization and storage of information and the ability to more easily transfer data between devices. The information contained on a digital organizer can vary, depending on what the user of the device feels is necessary or important. Common pieces of information entered into these devices include addresses and phone numbers, calendar events, and daily reminders.


The basic design of a digital organizer is quite similar to that of a smartphone. These organizers usually have a single screen on the face of the device, typically an LCD screen that can be touch sensitive or use a stylus for input. Below this screen, many organizers have a small keyboard that can be used to enter information, allowing for simple one- or two-handed use. While older or less expensive models often featured a black and white or grayscale screen, newer digital organizers often have a full-color screen instead.

Many professionals and other digital organizer users have started using other devices for storing and retrieving data. Smartphones have, in many respects, incorporated numerous functions provided by organizers in the past, while also providing users with greater options for communicating and accessing other types of data. A digital organizer can also refer to a software program used on a computer to better organize and display data on that system. This type of program can often be used with a handheld organizer or smartphone, to organize the input and display of data on a computer system and send information between the computer and a handheld device.


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