What Is a Digital Brochure?

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A digital brochure is a piece of promotional material provided in a digital format for easy reading and distribution. Companies can use digital brochures to reach a larger audience and provide updates on their products and services. They might be designed in house or contracted out to an advertising firm or graphic designer who specializes in these types of communications. The costs for the design can vary, depending on who does the work and how extensive it is.

Traditional paper brochures are colorfully designed for maximum effect, and they usually come in the form of a bi- or tri-folded leaflet that can be easily picked up and examined. A digital brochure retains the bright colors and tradition of providing a quick informational overview rather than detailed discussion of a product, company or event. The goal is to rapidly convey information to consumers in a format that will be memorable.

Companies can distribute digital brochures in electronic press kits and promotional packages. The basic overview might be very useful for news organizations and other agencies that want to write up a company and its services. They also can be made available on a website for viewing online or downloading for future reference. Like a paper brochure, the document usually includes contact information so that people can call or email if they have questions or want to make arrangements to do business with the company.


Some companies might maintain a digital brochure as their main web presence. An online presence can be useful for companies that want to come up in search results, such as a deli that wants to attract visitors, but it might not need to be extensive. A digital brochure can provide a happy medium by establishing a web presence without creating significant costs. The company can easily update its brochure when it changes prices, products or services.

Digital brochure production costs can be lower than the costs of paper brochures, because the company does not need to front the costs of printing, although it might choose to utilize both print and digital formats if it feels the need for a paper brochure. The savings might allow the company to spend slightly more on the design of a digital-only brochure, if it has a certain amount budgeted. Another advantage to digital brochures is the ease of updating. Companies do not need to worry about consumers stumbling upon outdated company information such as old prices or a bad telephone number.


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