What is a Digital Angle Finder?

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A digital angle finder is a device that measures and determines the angle of a given object. While many angle finders feature a dial and needle used to decipher an angle, the digital angle finder uses battery power to display results in a digital reading. The digital angle finder is considered by many to be the most accurate and the easiest angle finder to use.

The digital angle finder can be used to determine the amount of run off when installing a floor drain. By placing the digital angle finder on the floor, the amount of drop can be calculated in the amount of degrees in which the floor slopes toward the drain. This allows a concrete finisher to ensure that the floor will rid itself of liquids and that any moisture will flow toward the drain.

Plumbers often use digital angle finders to lay out new plumbing. By placing the plumbing drain lines at a precise angle, an entire plumbing system is sure to drain away from the sink, tub and bathroom stool properly. When installing a drain field, a digital angle finder assists the plumber in making sure that the system drains in the correct manner.


The digital angle finder also finds itself in many mechanic's tool chests. This tool allows a mechanic to determine a proper pinion angle on a rear-wheel drive vehicle. In many instances, the digital angle finder can be used to set camber in a vehicle's front wheels, too. This setting determines the vehicle's ability to turn and track properly during driving.

Digital angle finders are much easier to read than the non-digital type. In low-light areas that make reading the dial indicator gauge on a non-digital indicator difficult, the digital readout offers an easy-to-read finding that can be seen from a short distance away. Often, the non-digital indicator will not be as precise and can easily be mistaken by an operator who cannot properly read the dial.

Whether measuring the grade of a driveway or assuring the proper fall of a drain system, the dial indicator is a very helpful tool. The addition of an electronic digital readout makes it even easier to read in low-light areas as well as difficult-to-reach areas. By allowing the user to simply slide the instrument into position and read the digital readout, the electronic angle finder allows the user to get accurate findings in less time.


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