What Is a Diet Chart?

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A diet chart is a tool that can be used to help people lose weight or keep track of what they are eating. There are many different types of charts that can be used to assist with a diet. Charts can be used to reference the nutritional information of various foods and to provide recommendations, guidelines, and ways to track a diet. One or more diet charts can be used to the help people keep track of their diets.

A list of food items and nutritional information, including the number of calories in each food is one common type of diet chart. The chart is an easy to use reference guide and can help a dieter keep accurate track of exactly how much he or she is eating. It can be used both to watch calories and to monitor the intake of nutrients, such as fat or protein.

Another type of diet chart makes recommendations about what types foods and how much of them to eat. Different charts may be used to make food choices specific to different types of diets. There are diet charts for low fat diets, low carbohydrate diets, low calorie diets, and other diets. Generic versions of these recommendation charts can be found on the Internet, though it is often healthier to use an individualized diet recommendation chart made up by a dietitian.


People with certain health problems may also use a diet chart in order to keep track of what they eat. Some health problems are exacerbated by sugar, fat, or salt and a diet chart can be used to keep track of how much of one or more of these ingredients a person consumes in a given day. These charts can help keep track of what is eaten in order to make sure that the intake of problem-causing ingredients stays within reasonable and safe levels.

Diet charts are also available to help keep track of weight loss. These charts are often referred to as weight loss charts. They are used in order to measure the results of a diet because it is often not always immediately apparent that a diet is working. Watching the weight come off on a chart can give a dieter confidence that the diet is working.


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