What is a Dianabol Cycle?

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Some body builders use anabolic steroids, including Dianabol, in an effort to enhance muscle growth. Steroids have serious side effects including advanced kidney and liver damage. When taking steroids it is important to cycle the supplement in timed-phases of usage and non-usage. Dianabol is an anabolic steroid that supports the enhancement of testosterone. A Dianabol cycle is a phase of usage and non-usage of the anabolic steroid Dianabol.

Dianabol is considered a bulking steroid and should only be used on a four- to six-week cycle increments. The primary hormone that is produced from this steroid is testosterone. This steroid has the side effects of producing a potent type of estrogen, which can lead to unpleasant bloating.

Dianabol supplements have been reported to raise blood pressure and have some serious damaging effects on the liver. This steroid also causes a bloated look on users and can cause breast enlargement because of the bulking effect on the body. The Dianabol cycle should be restricted to six week usage with an off cycle lasting a few weeks. This will reduce the long-term effects on the body.

In 1991 the United States government declared anabolic steroids a controlled substance. This made the possession or usage of these supplements a crime. Most Internet websites that offer anabolic steroids warn consumers that purchasing these products in the United States could result in criminal prosecution.


Dianabol is a fast-acting bulking steroid. This steroid produces significant muscle gains in a relatively short time. Most beginners use this supplement because they can see the effects of the supplement within the first few weeks of usage.

When taking bodybuilding supplements, it is important to exercise and eat a well-balanced diet. Anabolic steroids help the body synthesize protein, which produces more muscle. Most bodybuilders also take protein supplements to help produce enhanced muscle. These supplements are included with extreme weight lifting programs that can produce unprecedented growth.

Most bodybuilders who use Dianabol stack a cycle of this drug with other longer-lasting testosterone supplements. This is because Dianabol produces gains quickly but also phases off within a few weeks. Adding additional testosterone supplements helps the body continue to grow for several weeks after a Dianabol cycle.

There has been significant medical research on the usage of anabolic steroids in humans. This research has shown that long-term usage of steroids causes serious health risk and will eventually lead to liver failure, cancer, or death. A good diet and exercise program is a better approach to a healthy lifestyle and typically provide sufficient gains for a bodybuilder.


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