What is a Diamond Nail File?

D. Rivers

A diamond nail file is a nail care tool used to shape and smooth the edges of fingernails and toenails. Diamond nail files are made from metal that is embedded with real diamond dust to create a rough surface. Beauticians use diamond embedded nail files when giving manicures and pedicures.

Steel nail files are often coated with diamond dust.
Steel nail files are often coated with diamond dust.

Diamond nail files are available with three different surfaces: coarse, medium and fine. A fine grit diamond nail file is good for finishing a manicure, because the fine texture of the diamond dust produces smooth fingernail edges. Coarse diamond nail files are most often used on toenails. The grittier texture makes a coarse diamond nail file better for shaping thicker nails.

Diamond nail files can be used to smooth the fingernails during a manicure.
Diamond nail files can be used to smooth the fingernails during a manicure.

Professionals find that diamond nail files last longer than other types of nail files. The diamond dust surface is a tougher, sturdier surface that does not flake off easily. Many nail salons also prefer to use a diamond nail file because it can stand up to being stored in disinfecting liquid without deteriorating. This allows manicurists to use the same file on many clients safely without transmitting germs.

Diamond nail files last for a long time and can be safely reused. This makes them cost-effective manicure tools. The upfront cost might be higher than with other nail files, but the longevity of diamond nail files makes them good investments for people who frequently give themselves or others manicures and pedicures.

Diamond nail files can be cleaned by washing in soap and warm water. Manicurists will soak the file in an antibacterial solution. This will kill any germs and nail fungus on the file.

Manufacturers of manicure tools make large diamond files. These files can be used to remove calluses. During pedicures, beauticians use diamond foot files to smooth rough patches of skin on clients' feet.

Diamond dust also is used to create fingernail buffers. Unlike nail files, diamond nail buffers are used on the top of a fingernail to remove ridges and lines and create a soft, smooth nail surface. Fine grit diamond dust also can remove discolorations or markings from fingernails.

Classical guitarists must pay special attention to their fingernails because they use their nails to play the strings on their guitars. Music teachers suggest that classical guitar players use diamond nail files to care for their fingernails. This will help them achieve the ideal fingernail length and shape for playing the guitar.

A nail file may help treat toenail thickness.
A nail file may help treat toenail thickness.

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@heavanet- I love diamond nail files because they work great and never seem to wear out like other types of nail files do. Because they are so effective, I have found that you really don't need a diamond nail file that is very coarse.

Unless you plan to use it on acrylic nails, I think that a fine file will be your best option. One that has a fine finish will allow you to shape your nails, and will work great to smooth out chips and rough spots.


I'm looking for the best diamond nail file to keep my natural nails shaped and smooth. Does anyone have thoughts about whether a course, medium, or fine diamond nail file is the best to use? I have heard that all varieties are durable and do a good job.

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