What Is a Devilock?

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The devilock hairstyle is a hairstyle in which the hair on the sides and back of the head is cut very close to the scalp, and the front portion of the hair is allowed to grow very long. This long front portion is generally styled into a spike that points straight down the face towards, or even over, the chin. The use of gel, pomade, hair spray, and other styling products may be necessary to achieve this. The band The Misfits, which emerged on the American punk rock music scene in the late 1970s, is generally credited with developing the devilock hairstyle. The band's bassist, Jerry Only, claims that the devilock hairstyle was adapted from the already-existing tidal wave hairstyle often worn by skateboarders of the era, while the vocalist, Glen Danzig, has stated that the hairstyle was intended to pay homage to the hairstyle of Eddie Munster, a child character on the 1960s American television program The Munsters.


There are at least two versions of the devilock hairstyle. One is generally considered more appropriate for short hair, while the other is typically recommended for those with long hair. The shorter version of the hairstyle typically involves keeping most of the hair cut very close to the scalp, although shaving the head totally bald is not usually recommended. The hair around the forehead, which is often used to create a facial fringe in many hairstyles, is then pulled down over the face and manipulated into a spike, often using hair products such as gel, pomade, or hair spray to help the hair retain its shape.

The longer version of the devilock hairstyle is generally recommended for those who have very long hair, and don't wish to cut it. The average hair length for this version of the style is about 8 inches (20.3 centimeters). The hair is typically combed forward over the face. Hair spray, gel, or pomade may be applied to the hair at this point, and it is then generally twisted into a spike with the hands. A downward-facing hair dryer can often be used to dry the style into this position.

It is believed that the devilock hairstyle has been popular among fans of alternative music since it was adopted by The Misfits. Bands such as AFI and The Cure have also been known to perform while wearing this hairstyle.


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