What is a Detox Drink?

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A detox drink is a beverage that is consumed in order to improve one's general health and wellness. One of the benefits is that consuming a detox drink on a regular basis can help with weight loss and weight control, which is one of the main reasons that some people drink it. A detox drink functions by helping to cleanse the digestive system and remove toxins from the body. Some detox drinks also help to cleanse the lymphatic system. There are quite a few detox drink recipes and there are some that can be purchased in a pre-mixed, bottled form.

One of the most popular detox drink recipes is a kind of lemonade that is sweetened with molasses and seasoned with cayenne pepper. People who are serious about this kind of detox often insist on using organic lemons and a high grade of molasses, mixing all of the ingredients in filtered water or spring water. This kind of drink, like many others, can be used as part of a fasting system or can be consumed simply to help the body detox on a regular basis. Before fasting or embarking in any major dietary changes, it is important to consult with a medical professional. These practices may not be suitable for all people.


There are a number of other recipes for detox beverages, most of which call for fruit or fruit juices. Some of the most commonly called-for ingredients include goji berry juice and cranberry juice. In addition to juice detox drinks, there are also detox teas that can be consumed. There are a few tea companies that specialize in packaging teas that can be used as part of an alternative medicine or complementary medicine regimen. Instead of drinking a juice-based detox drink, some people prefer to drink a few cups of detox tea on a weekly or even daily basis.

In many cases, a detox drink primarily affects the digestive system. Those who use a detox drink as part of a fast and those who have lots of toxins to expel may also find changes in their skin, which may begin to look healthier. Some people also find that, while fasting using this kind of drink, they regularly develop a coating on their tongues. If consuming a detox drink seems to be causing adverse effects, it is important to stop drinking the beverage unless otherwise instructed by a doctor.


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Post 3

@mobilian33 - Some herbal teas and herbal detox drinks are used to mask the presence of illegal drugs. I can't say how effective this is, but I have read about them. The only sure way to beat a urine-based drug test of any kind is to sneak in clean urine. Other than that, you stand a great chance of testing positive when you are using marijuana.

Post 2

@mobilian33 - My guess is that your neighbor's son has found some other way to beat the drug tests. I don't think there is a fail proof marijuana detox drink that would continuously help him pass the drug tests. I have known some people who claimed to have found some type of concoction that would keep them from getting detected, but they were usually caught sooner or later.

Drinking a lot of water helps to get the drugs out of your system quicker, but small traces will still be there for some time. Maybe the tests that your neighbor's son is being given are not particularly sensitive, or maybe he has gotten lucky and his luck is about to run out.

Post 1

Has anyone out there heard anything about detox drinks that are able to remove any signs of illegal drugs from a person's system? The son of one of my neighbors is on probation and he has to take a drug test every couple of weeks as part of his probation. If he gets caught using drugs or with any traces of illegal drugs in his system then he will be sent back to prison.

His mother, my neighbor, says he has been smoking weed almost every day since he has been back home with her, but he keeps passing his drug tests. Is it true that you can get a marijuana detox drink and no one will know you are using the drug when you are tested?

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