What Is a Dessert Crepe?

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A dessert crepe is a type of very thin pancake that is filled with sweet dessert-type ingredients, from sugared fruit to chocolate chips, and is then rolled up and served warm. Crepes are popular in many different countries around the world; they may be prepared without sugar, if they will be eaten with heartier lunch or dinnertime foods such as ham, cheese, or vegetables. When crepes will be served with dessert fillings, however, sugar is often added to the other common ingredients such as butter, flour, and eggs, among others. The beauty of the dessert crepe is that they are very easy to make, and people enjoy customizing with many different dessert ingredients.

One of the most common ways to serve a dessert crepe is with warm, sweetened fruit. For instance, blueberries cooked in sauce, baked apples, or bananas similar to those found in bananas foster may all be spooned on top of a crepe when it is still warmed, and is then rolled up and eaten with a fork. This is a fairly simple dessert to prepare, and is also a lighter option at the end of a big meal. In the warmer months, fresh fruit and sweet whipped cream may comprise the filling of a dessert crepe. Jam fillings, cinnamon apple mixtures in the fall, or chocolate and peanut butter are other common options.


The dessert crepe is then often topped with a sprinkling of powdered sugar for a lightly sweet finish. Drizzled chocolate or a drizzled fruit sauce are also common toppings that can make the dessert crepe look a little fancier. There are a number of different dessert crepe recipes to be found online, however. Most take just a few basic ingredients, and the fillings can then be customized as desired for a delicious dessert.

Dessert crepes are often served as part of a dessert buffet. Even people having dinner parties at home may choose to serve crepes this way. Generally, they will simply prepare a stack of plain crepes, and then have a number of other different options that people can add to their dessert. For instance, a bowl of prepared blueberries, another type of fresh fruit, and a container of warm chocolate sauce can all be set out, and guests can then prepare their own crepe however they like it; this is particularly fun for children. It is possible to simply prepare crepes in a pan like pancakes, or some people choose to purchase a kitchen gadget or specialty pan designed to prepare crepes perfectly every time.


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