What is a Design Coordinator?

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A design coordinator is responsible for determining the scope of remodeling or renovation projects. His or her job includes preparing program documents and designs, and modifying and preparing detailed plans. This person may also be responsible for estimating the costs and citing project specifications.

It is the design coordinator's job to determine and to fulfill a project’s requirements. He must have a complete grasp of the entire scope of the project at hand and must develop preliminary design concepts on each of the proposed stages. After the preliminary designs, he must determine cost estimates in order to appropriately recommend the use of more cost effective or practical alternatives.

As a general matter, the person who started the designs often should be the one who finishes it, in order to encourage continuity. Therefore, the design coordinator will produce the final designs and project drawings. This includes formulating all specifications of the projects in which the construction is to be performed.

The coordinator may also be responsible for assisting in the formation of a productive team for the project. He may help select design consultants especially for large scale projects that require external contract services. It may also be his responsibility to convey all project requirements and the necessary design criteria to all consultants involved.


Similar to the roles of a project manager, the design coordinator often will oversee and review the consultants’ completed designs and drawings, including specifications, in order to ensure that codes and technical requirements are all met. The coordinator may also work with the appropriate individuals to prepare documents for external contractors who will build and construct. Finally, he may also relay the necessary information such as client needs, trades, and project dates, to all bidders on a project.

Any ongoing construction projects being done by the contractors, in-house or not, may also be managed by a design coordinator. If so, the coordinator must ensure that all work being done complies with the laid out plans and specifications, and that the progress is on schedule. Lead design coordinators are often assisted by mechanical and electrical design coordinators when reviewing and developing large scale projects.

To be a qualified design coordinator, you must have knowledge in architecture and engineering, design principles and drafting, plus equipment and methods. Design is very technical, hence there is a need for knowledge of mathematical calculations – the very foundation of architecture and engineering. A coordinator must also be skilled in designing and interpreting project drawings, charts, graphs, maps, and even legal descriptions.

As a form of team leader and project manager, a good design coordinator must have the ability to lead, to effectively communicate, and to delegate tasks effectively. He must be meticulous and have an eye for detail – immediately spotting errors and correcting them accordingly.


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